‘Gross’ plane passenger slammed for sleeping with her bare FEET on another traveller’s headrest during flight

THIS is the “gross” moment a plane passenger is snapped with her bare FEET sitting on a fellow traveller’s headrest.

The unnamed flyer can be seen making herself at home on a flight in the US.

A grim photo captures a woman resting her bare feet on top of the chair in front of her during a flight
Instagram users reacted with horror after the photo was posted online

She is photographed with her legs flung up on the seat in front of her – with a hat placed on top her feet in an apparent attempt to evade detection.

But a disgusted fellow passenger took a photo of her bizarre impersonal posture.

It was posted online where it was picked up by Instagram account @PassengerShaming.

The account – which documents the weird behaviour of air travellers – shared the pic with its 850,000 followers.

If this was my seat and I saw this I would lose my mind

Instagram user

Unsurprisingly, many of them were appalled by the woman’s antics.

Many Instagram users slammed her for her selfish behaviour – with some calling her “gross” and suggesting they’d call her out.

One outraged follower commented: “If this was my seat and I saw this I would lose my mind.”

Another user wrote: “Ok, I’d say something. People are the worst.”

This follower branded the passenger a slob
Another Instagram user insisted they would ‘lose their mind’

One slammed the woman as a “slob”, writing : “The grossness just never stops. So many slobs.”

Another stunned user wrote: “Maybe if I put a hat on them, no one will notice my gross feet on the back of this chair? Classy.”

But one cheerier user tried to point out the “bright side” of the situation, adding: “At least she covered her feet with her hat?”

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