‘Grunting’ creep in ‘gimp suit’ chases terrified woman through Somerset village sparking police helicopter search

A “GRUNTING” creep in a “gimp suit” chased a terrified woman through a sleepy Somerset village – sparking a police helicopter search.

She was walking through the village of Claverham when she saw the stalker “charging” at her “in a full black rubbery suit” on Thursday night.

A creep in a rubber ‘gimp suit’ was pictured chasing a terrified woman through a sleepy Somerset village on Thursday night
The ‘grunting’ rubber bandit followed the frightened woman while breathing heavily and touching his groin, she said

He then approached her while “grunting and breathing heavily” before fleeing, the BBC reported.

It’s the latest in a series of frightening sightings of the rubber bandit in the area – about five miles east of Weston-Super-Mare.

Police were called to the scene at around 11:30pm on Thursday after the woman’s terrifying encounter.

A search helicopter was dispatched as well as a police sniffer dog – but officers were unable to trace the suspect.


The victim, in her 20s, said she has been left badly shaken by the ordeal but has chosen to speak out to raise awareness.

She said: “I would never forgive myself if this happened to someone else and I hadn’t said anything.”

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told how she feared she was going to be attacked.

Describing what happened, she said: “I was walking along with my torch and looked up to see someone charging at me in a full black rubbery suit and managed to take a picture.

“He kept coming towards me and was touching his groin, grunting and breathing heavy.”


She added: “As I tried to take a step back he was right in front of my face and he put his leg forward.

“I was just trying to assess the situation in my head quickly.

“Everything was running through my head. I thought: ‘This is it, I’m going to get attacked’.

“I was looking round thinking, oh my god.”

Every time I close my eyes I just see that face


She then pushed the man away and screamed before he started running backwards towards the main road.

The woman said she has been “hugely affected” by the nightmare – and now fears leaving her house.

She added: “It’s not just a man jumping out at me going boo.

“Every time I close my eyes I just see that face.”

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesperson said: “We’re aware of concerns relating to a man acting suspiciously in the Claverham/Yatton area.

“While we’re keeping an open mind about the motive for these incidents, it’s clear the individual responsible is deliberately attempting to cause alarm to the men and women he’s approaching.

“While no-one has been hurt during the incidents, we fully appreciate the distress these actions have caused victims.”

Patrols in the area were being increased to reassure the public and identify the man responsible, the spokesperson added.

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