Hackers seized OnlyFans model Tina Bean’s account to stream ‘terrifying’ ISIS beheadings and blackmail her

AN ONLYFANS model’s account has been seized by hackers who are using it to stream “terrifying” ISIS beheadings.

Tina Bean, 22, has lost almost all of her followers and has lost thousands of pounds since the blackmailers took over her site.


OnlyFans model Tina Bean has had her account hacked[/caption]


She was making $2,000 a month before the blackmailer took over[/caption]

OnlyFans is a subscription-based service where people pay to see adult content.

Tina joined the subscription-based service where people pay to see adult content to earn enough money to move into a flat while she was sleeping rough in her car.

Her page quickly became a success with her earning $2,000 a month.

But soon things took a turn for the worse when hackers took control of her account and demanded $150.

The hackers began to upload horrifying videos of ISIS holding people hostage and being shot in the head, the BBC reports.

Tina said: “They seemed terrifying. I kept deleting them and changing my password but kept getting locked out of my account.”


Tina’s account has now been temporarily suspended[/caption]

The hackers then spammed more than 40 of her fans, calling them the N-word.

And it wasn’t long before all of her photos were stolen and posted on a porn site.

The perpetrator then spammed more than 40 of her fans, calling them the N-word, before stealing all of her photos and posting them on a porn site.

Now after losing almost all of her subscribers Tina, from Phoenix, Arizona now pulls in just £72 a week.

Tina says that she raised the incident with OnlyFans but that they jist temporarily disabled her account.

The company said Tina did not report the racial slur – and that it was not detected by the site’s moderation system because it was pluralised.

It comes after hundred of OnlyFans accounts were targeted by hackers who leaked explicit content online earlier this year.

Bella Thorne is just one of the celebrities said to be targeted by the cybercriminals.

The content is said to have appeared in a shared Google Drive that was posted on an online hackers forum.

Researchers at cybersecurity firm BackChannel claimed to make the discovery.

They’ve since created an online tool that aims to let OnlyFans creators check if their content was targeted.


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