Harry and Meghan grow their home… with a dog

Since the marriage of Harry and Meghan, the English press expected the announcement of a happy event. But in the meantime a new Royal Baby, the duke and duchess of Sussex have adopted… a dog. A labrador, according to the “Daily Mail” : “As the Sussex, the dog will share his time between the palace and their country home in the Cotswolds,” says a source to the british newspaper. “The dog has already comfortably installed in their cottage,” said the indiscreet. They already live with a dog : Guy, the beagle that Meghan Markle took with her when she moved to the United Kingdom, and that was seen in the car of the queen last may. Bogart, his other dog, is he stayed in Canada to live with friends, because it was too old and weak to a move and a trip like this.

Currently, the young couple would be in the summer residence of the queen at Balmoral, in Scotland, joining prince Charles and his wife Camilla. On Sunday, the queen has been photographed. A few days of additional rest for the prince and his wife, after an escapade of the Italian in the home of George Clooney on lake Como.

Away from the media… and the declarations of Thomas Markle

A cut-off of the summer away from the media, who have largely echoed the harsh statements of Thomas Markle, the father of the former actress, who has not hesitated to criticize the royal family after the fiasco surrounding his absence at the marriage of his daughter. The trust would have been broken to the point that Meghan Markle would refuse to speak to his father, fearing that his confidences will not end up in One of the newspapers to which he gives regular interviews : “Meghan is that this is a game unbalanced between his father and the media, and it does not speak to contradict it, or ask someone to do it. There have always been fears about its vulnerability. Now, it has entered into a cycle of speaking in public. It is very sad,” explained a source to the “Sunday Times” last week.

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