Hauteville House in Guernsey : the manuscript to three floors of Victor Hugo

It is a great poem where the parts to replace the stanzas. In his home of Guernsey, Hugo is a mix of everything : draw the furniture, to rhyme Delft, and of Cordovan leather, to accumulate mats of the japanese and carpets of Turkey, to crowd the lanterns, Dutch and Murano chandeliers… his son and His wife, too happy to flee this desert soaked, spun for him in the auction halls of London. Himself ran the bric-à-brac of the island and was low on chests or hutches that it was in pieces and went back to his way. Has English sailors who dropped in the harbour, he bought fabrics stolen during the sacking of the summer Palace.

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Every square inch of the property was of him. It was breathtaking as the tower of Babel. Or as a stand fleas. But the family could live in one of his works. He had added a huge greenhouse in the garden to bring in the light and, on the roof, had provided a gateway to write in the face of his beloved homeland. No risk that there revînt.

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Was Napoleon III, his ink was spit out : “here You are, dwarf, ugly, crouching on the name ! The horses of the sun, you do hang out your cab. “The poet had to take advantage of Guernsey and its wonderful climate normand where it is beautiful three times a day but it rains four days out of three. To help him bear the loneliness, cats, dogs, bengali, chickens and goldfish were company. Without forgetting Juliette Drouet installed. The legend claims that she always drew a panties on a pole to signify that she was waiting for him.

Delphine Lévy, director of the Paris Museums, and explains to François Pinault the progress of the work, on July 18. © Manuel Lagos Cid / Paris Match

If non e vero, e bene trovato… Until in 1870, while it lasted fifteen years. It is the history of France. But today, with force, the wind takes your breath away the house that takes the water. The last time, the office in the sky tanguait way leaning tower of Pisa. The city of Paris, owner, has decided to restore everything. An enormous amount of work. The largest scaffold of the island. A huge umbrella covers the entire building. The note promises to be salty. Almost 4 million euros. Divine surprise : François Pinault offers three.

Le belvédère (look out) aménagé dans les combles est ouvert à tous les horizons.

The belvedere (look-out) located in the attic, which is open to all walks of life. © Manuel Lagos Cid/Paris Match

Last week, he came in a helicopter to monitor the progress of the work. It was a time to dream. It was like being in Sicily. The staff of the museums of the City of Paris had moved. Riccardo Giordano, the architect in charge of the project, explained it all. There has been much discussion of the tones of the facade. Should it return to the original state ? Or find the polychromy dear to Hugo ? Jean-Jacques Aillagon was leading the discussions. Louis Benech was the shipping. Profession : gardener. He has reinvented the square of the Tuileries, re-created a few groves of the king at Versailles, declared a war without mercy to their thistles. It has been found that too thick, camellias, hiding the view of the English Channel. He has even talked about their smell, then, that Marguerite Gautier appreciated precisely because they do not have. But she also loved the grapes are frozen because they do not have a flavor, and the rich men because they do not have a heart – then that François Pinault proves the contrary.

Then we looked on the trellis-work that the writer made them himself. And then on the steps of the entrance on the street. Impossible to rejuvenate it, this is not foreseen in the tender. François Pinault has lifted eyes to the sky. Falsely naïve, it was suggested that we add a Gwenn Ha Du on the shank of the flags of the entry. The Mayor of Paris has smiled. He then resumed the visit. That this writer is great and passionate about justice is also of decoration speaks to his sensitivity. He also loves to lay his paw on places fiction. Everything should be ready next spring. It will be stunning.

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