Heartbreaking image shows paramedic holding the tiny hand of baby who survived crash that killed his parents

A HEARTBREAKING picture shows a paramedic holding the hand of a baby who survived a crash that killed his parents.

The incident happened in the city of Canuelas, Argentina on Tuesday and killed both Juan Pedro Menchon, 34, and wife Ana Gabriela Diaz, 37.


A heartbreaking picture shows a paramedic holding the hand of a baby who survived a crash that killed his parents[/caption]


The baby and his parents were involved in a head-on collision with a lorry[/caption]


Juan Pedro Menchon, pictured, and wife Ana Gabriela Diaz were killed in the crash[/caption]

The couple and baby were travelling in a car that was involved in a head-on collision with a lorry.

Ambulance worker Walter Marcelo Brito attended the emergency, and later shared the picture on Facebook.

“This hand that my finger is holding is the hand of a wonderful being that was left alone in this world,” he wrote.

“The least thing I could do was to hold him and be by his side. God blesses him today and always.

“See you soon my new friend, I wish I can find you to hug you.

“I do not ask a lot, only a prayer for your recovery. Amen and thanks.”

Juan Pedro was reportedly driving the car when it crossed into the opposite lane and crashed headfirst with an oncoming lorry.

The reason the car crossed over is not known.

Juan Pedro died shortly after impact.

Ana was rushed to the emergency room at the regional hospital of Cuenca Alta with brain trauma but died a few hours later.

Their baby was taken to the municipal hospital of Canuelas and then airlifted to the Sor Maria Ludovica hospital in the nearby La Plata city.

Local media reported that he had sustained multiple bruises and a possible skull fracture but survived.

Officials at the hospital have reportedly said that tests have confirmed the baby has not suffered any brain damage.

The driver of the lorry, identified as Andres Fabian Ponce, 51, was not injured but was taken to hospital to be treated for shock.

The status of any police investigation into the crash is not currently clear.


The cause of the crash is not yet known[/caption] Link

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