Hearts vs Hibs delayed as smoke bombs and COCONUTare thrown onto pitch

THE Edinburgh derby was thrown into chaos – after smoke bombs and a COCONUT were thrown onto the pitch.

Kick off was delayed and the match suspended for a short time after pyrotechnics were let off at Tynecastle.

Smoke bombs were set off at the game
Hearts vs Hibs was delayed and then briefly suspended as smoke grenades and flares were let off
Green smoke could be seen on the pitch
Green smoke could be seen on the pitch

Huge plumes of green and red smoke could be seen inside the stadium after the two teams scored in today’s lunchtime kick-off.

A COCONUT was also chucked on the pitch at the game.

Watching fans were left confused about why the fruit was thrown.

Martin Fife wrote on Twitter: “Who the hell takes a coconut to a football match? Hearts v Hibs full of smoke bombs as well. Back to the 70’s.”

Takeshi Kovacs said: “A coconut thrown on the pitch in the Hearts-Hibs match. Scottish football is unrivaled.”

Paul Deehan added: “Ok I thought I’d seen about everything that could be thrown in a football pitch but a coconut in the Hibs v Hearts Derby.”

Adam Sturrock was left asking: “Of all things, how can someone smuggle in a COCONUT to an Edinburgh derby?”

Terence said it was lucky the coconut didn’t hit anyone.

He wrote: “FFS that could kill someone if it hit them. WTF is happening to football…”

Rugby Park agreed: “What is the thought process that leads to someone thinking its a good idea to smuggle a coconut into the football to throw onto the pitch?

“What is it meant to mean? Someone could have been badly hurt.

“Mind boggling.”

A coconut was seen on the pitch too
A coconut was seen on the pitch too
Green smoke was seen in the stadium during the derby
Green smoke was seen in the stadium during the derby

It comes after a firecracker was launched onto the pitch at St Mirren vs Celtic earlier this week.

St Mirren goalkleeper Vaclav Hladky was left badly shaken after Celtic fans launched a firecracker on to the field after Ryan Christie’s goal.

The Hoops doubled their lead in the 85th minute with Christie coming off the bench to seal the three points.

But the strike was overshadowed by the actions of yobs in the away end, later blasted by Neil Lennon.

And today cops revealed they were hunting the fans responsible.

Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf has vowed action to improve fan behaviour at football grounds after the incident.

And officers said they are working with St Mirren as they carry out a full investigation.


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