Heiress who owns a bungalow JUST for designer gear breaks down in tears as family struggle to feed kids on £197 a month

A WEALTHY heiress whose parents bought her a bungalow so she could store all her designer clothes admitted she didn’t know what a parsnip looked like on Rich Kids Go Skint. 

Rendall Coleby, 19, has never wanted for anything with her parents, high-end jewellers, lavishing her with a £30,000 Mercedes for her 17th birthday, £3,000 Chanel handbags and £1,000 shoes. 

The wealthy teen was given a £30,000 Mercedes for her 17th birthday by her parents

The teen explained she moved into a luxury bungalow next door to her parent’s house when she was 15, so she’d have more wardrobe room for all her expensive clobber. 

She said: “All my life, if I wanted something I could ask for it and they could give me it.” 

Rendall boasts she can charge up to £1,000 for three photos on Instagram, and regularly shares snaps of herself in hot tubs and airport business lounges.

Rendall, from Essex, is the latest wealthy teen to appear on Channel 5’s Rich Kids Go Skint, as she swapped her pampered lifestyle to stay with a struggling family-of-four. 


Rendall heads to Leicester to spend time with Tony, Diana, Izzy, 13, and Tiago, four [/caption]

She heads to Leicester to spend time with Tony, 33, and his wife, Diana Eden, 28, and their two kids Izzy, 13, and Tiago, four. 

The family lives off around £197-a-week from Universal Credit, after being made homeless when their move from the capital up north ended in disaster when the family member they were living with was evicted. 

Tony explains they were given just one hour by bailiffs to move out all their worldly possessions, before changing the locks.

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By the end of her visit Rendall breaks down in tears when she has to say goodbye [/caption]

Tony was forced to sell his car for money, meaning he was unable to continue working as a delivery driver. 

The family also use Diana’s student loans to get by, with the mum receiving around £1,700 a month, with Tony describing their situation is ‘mad tight’.

The mum explains she decided to retrain in business management, but now finds herself stuck between being overqualified for some jobs, while she doesn’t have enough business experience to get a job in that industry yet. 


The teen lives a pampered lifestyle with £1,000 shoes and £3,000 handbags [/caption]

But she tries to pick up work wherever she can, as she attempted to sell cosmetics online, with the help of Izzy, which wasn’t successful. 

After seeing how the family has to scrape to get by, Rendall, who’s never been set an allowance, says: “I can’t imagine how many people spend the whole day searching for a job, so like Diana said, it’s a struggle.” 

While Rendall has been pampered her whole life, she was homeschooled by her mum from age 13, and insists she ‘understands the real world’. 

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She goes to stay with the Eden’s, in Leicester, and struggles to shop for food with £11[/caption]

She points out there’s a difference between “living in a situation and understanding a situation”. 

While the teen admitted her life used to revolve around ‘money’, Rendall says she has a different outlook nowadays after her late mum was diagnosed with secondary cancer, meaning it had spread to other parts of her body. 

At the time Rendall says she ‘refused to believe’ there was no treatment at first, and it made her realise money can’t buy you health and happiness. 

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The teen is used to the finer things in life and has even has her own bungalow [/caption]

She says: “Before everything that’s happened, my life revolved around money.

“Normal day things I would not have appreciated, things like having breakfast together, which I now really treasure.”

She later added: “Money means nothing when you have family.”

It’s this down-to-earth attitude which makes her a hit with the Eden’s, as she accompanies Tony to a garage, as he tries to retrain as a mechanic, with a view of opening a string of garages around Leicester. 

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Rendall says that being homeschooled by her mum, who later died of cancer, taught her appreciate the little things in life[/caption]


The teen, who sadly lost her mum, said it changed her outlook on life[/caption]

Despite being hands-on, Rendall struggles to do a food shop for a dinner party the family are hosting for just £11. 

Rendall, who says she usually gets takeaways and doesn’t know how to cook, confesses she doesn’t know how to price broccoli on the scales and doesn’t know what a parsnip looks like. 

The teen says her shopping trip was the ‘worst part’ of her stay, as she gets stuck into helping Diana look after the kids. 

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Rendall got stuck in when she visited a garage with Tony, who’s training to become a mechanic [/caption]

The family and Rendall form a close bond, and she buys them a karaoke machine as a parting gift. 

Tony sings the teen’s praises, saying: “Rendall is a big surprise because she’s so down to earth, she’s a really nice girl.”

As her visit comes to an end, the family pen her a letter, which sees Rendall, who’s now married and pregnant, break down in tears. 


The teen bought the family a karaoke machine as a parting gift [/caption]

The letter says: “Thank you for coming and spending time with us. We have loved every second if it and you’re truly amazing. 

“Please don’t forget us, we won’t forget you.

“PS: sending your mum all your strength and love, and then all our phone numbers.”


Rendall, who’s now married and pregnant, says money is nothing compared to family[/caption]

Rendall says: “I always sort of knew I was gonna get emotional at the end but the card topped it off for me.

“Their words were so genuine it really hit me.”

The two households strike up a genuine friendship, with the Eden’s inviting Rendall, and her mum, who later sadly passed away from cancer, over for dinner after filming ended. 

Rich Kids Go Skint airs Wednesday at 9pm on 5Star.  

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