Here are five easy ways to make your home look instantly more expensive

FROM millennial pink interiors to marble counter tops, home design trends are always coming and going.

But according to a renovation expert, you don’t need to always be mindlessly chasing the latest Instagram interior trends to get a luxurious-looking home… here are her five tips for instantly upgrading your living space.

Making rooms more spacious with a slick of paint and less furniture is the key to a luxe-looking room
Cherie Barber

1. Reconsider your furniture layout

Speaking to Femail, home renovation expert Cherie Barber talked through the common mistakes people make in decorating their living space.

Design crime 101 is one we’re probably all guilty of: placing our furniture against walls.

While it may make the area look more spacious, Cherie says “your entire living room shouldn’t be placed around the edges of the room” because “it doesn’t look great from a styling perspective.”

Instead, Cherie recommends swapping out some of your furniture to create the illusion of space and reducing overall clutter.

Cherie recommends making the most out of your furniture by having it placed in the centre of the room, rather than pushed against a wall
Cherie Barber

2. Invest in good lighting

While you’re reevaluating your furniture choices, Cherie also recommends playing with the lighting in your home.

After all, a good lamp or series of spotlights “can make or break a room.”

Cherie says that lighting is something “many people don’t get right” because it’s seen as a finishing touch rather than a design statement in itself.

So whether you’re installing a jazzy lamp shade or mood-setting dimmer switch, some good lighting choices can instantly upgrade your a room to a new expensive-looking level.

3. Blend coloured walls with a statement rug

Out of all of Cherie’s advice, this step has got to be our favourite.

According to the interiors expert, painting “rooms in light colours” enhances your home’s “sense of space” and makes it look more luxe.

Make your space more homely by investing in a statement rug
Cherie Barber

And although “hard flooring does instantly look more expensive” than carpet, “it can look quite hard if you don’t use rugs throughout.”

Not only do plush rugs and throws “add a decorative edge to any room”, failing to add them is “like a woman forgetting to put lipstick on her make-up.”

We’ll take the rug equivalent of a bold red lip thanks.

4. Focus on the kitchen and bathroom

If you think about it, the kitchen and bathroom are among the most-used and most-seen rooms in your home.

So giving them a couple of quick little updates can instantly improve your home’s overall value while also creating a more expensive feel.

Instead of knocking down walls and making everything open-plan, Cherie says “it would be far better value to spend just a few thousand on replacing the cupboard fronts in your kitchen or laminating your bathroom.”

The expert recommends opting for “horizontal” tile shapes as they make the space “look bigger” while “shiny tiles make a room look more expensive.”

5. Update your tired curtains

Finally, Cherie insists that we seriously consider our bog standard curtains and replace them for something a little more timeless and sleek.

Cherie has given these windows so much needed TLC
Cherie Barber

She says: “think about your carpets and drapes and whether these look outdated, and as soon as you fix these, your room will look instantly better.”

Sharing her home transformations over on Instagram, Cherie chooses white shutters time after time because they match all interior styles and keep your home cool in the summer seasons.

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