Here is the first human radiography 3D color!

This is a first! A team of New Zealand scientists just realized for the first time an X-ray of a human body in three dimensions and in color . A technique that could be useful to physicians to improve their diagnoses.

Providing images of the human body more clean and precise

Indeed, a New Zealand team has introduced for the first time a human radiography in color and in three dimensions. Dubbed Medipix, this new technique is based on the same principle as the traditional x-ray black and white . Unlike that she joined the particle tracking technology that had been developed for the large LHC particle accelerator , which had made the discovery of the Higgs boson.

In its statement, CERN explains that this new tool provides clearer and crisper images . So, as you can see from the images below, it is possible for doctors to distinguish bone, muscle and cartilage .


But this technology can go even further since it allows to locate and determine the size of any cancerous tumors . Medipix could then be a great asset for healthcare professionals in order to provide more accurate patient diagnoses.


According to the developer of this medical imaging tool, Phil Butler Medipix works as a camera except that it provides images with high resolution and high contrast . A result that no other imaging device could not provide. The New Zealand company in March Bioimaging Ltd. will market this 3D scanner “Spectral CT”. Soon, the camera will clinical trials on patients in New Zealand in order to democratize this tool in orthopedics and rheumatology services.

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