Hero Brit divers reveal how 12th Thai cave boy’s oxygen mask slipped on perilous journey to bring him to surface ‘dead or alive’

BRIT divers who rescued the trapped Thai cave boys have revealed the race to save the final lad whose mask didn’t fit.

Jason Mallinson told ABC how rescuers could barely see their hand in front of them in the murky caves during the perilous bid to save the stricken footie team.

Rescuer Jason Mallison revealed his terror as the final Thai cave boy’s air mask doesn’t fit

But the very last child to rescued was too small for the masks, and they could get it to seal around his mouth.

“It didn’t fit him,” Jason says in a new interview.

“We put it on him, really strapped down tight so his nose was flattened against his face and there was a big gap under his chin. We just couldn’t get it to seal.”

They knew the sedated lad would drown if they couldn’t get the mask to fit.

“It was so nervous for me because it was the different type of mask with this seal that you could dislodge sideway. I had to be so careful with him,” he added.


Brit diver Jason described swimming in pitch black in icy waters[/caption]

The story of the Wild Boar football team gripped the world
A rescuer told how he let go of the rope and became disorientated in the underwater cave maze

“Once you set off with that kid, it was a one-way journey. You weren’t going back to where they started. … It was a case of getting him out. A bit brutal but dead or alive.”

The hero diver said he was terrified the mask would come off during the swim back.

He had to hold the boy’s mask on as he swam, unable to stop even when he bashed into the rocks, in case the lad died of hypthermia.

Interviewed on ABC, the rescuer told how he had to swim with the sedated boy fearing he would die of hypothermia

Viral Press

The pair were given certificates by Thai ministers for their part in the rescue of 12 children who were trapped in a cave[/caption]

AFP or licensors

The brave Thai boys wave for the camera while recovering in hospital[/caption]

In another heart stopping anecdote, fellow British diver Chris Jewell tells how he lost his grip on the rope which led them back to the cave entrance, leaving him lost in the maze of underwater chambers.

“I surfaced in a different section of the cave and I really didn’t know where I was for several minutes,’ he said.

Rescuers met Thai ministers at Suvarnabhumi Airport who gave them certificates and gift medals.

The rescue mission saved 12 members of the Wild Boar football team and their coach who had been trapped in the dark tunnel network in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, for 18 days.

Heartwarming footage showed the 12 rescued boys waving for the camera in hospital.

The brave boys are being kept away from their loved ones over fears they could contract infections after being trapped in the cave network for 18 days.

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