Holidaymaker Brits land back from Ibiza & Majorca just in time for 4am amber list change – but many more face mad dash

HUNDREDS of holidaymaker Brits have landed in the UK back from Ibiza and Majorca before their added to the UK’s amber list.

But many others are facing a mad dash today before the changes for those returning to England, Scotland and Wales from the Spanish islands come into place at 4am.


Passengers return to Manchester Airport Today from Ibiza and Palma[/caption]


Thousands more will attempt the dash today before the rules change at 4am[/caption]


With the Islands on the amber list non-vaccinated British travellers will have to quarantine for 10 days[/caption]

Holidaymakers are desperate as any non-vaccinated British travellers will have to quarantine for 10 days after returning from the islands.

Brits were this morning seen landing in the UK various airports as Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca were all struck off the green list.

Palma de Mallorca airport was seen looking packed yesterday as Brits scrambled for a flight home.

It comes after passengers were seen on Friday queuing at a Covid testing clinic in San Antonio to get PCR checks.

The Government has infuriated travellers, and been accused of “double standards” on international travel after the U-turn.

There has been criticism after it was announced that Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca would be added to the amber travel list due to a surge in coronavirus cases, little more than a fortnight after they went green.


Brits queue in Majorca as they face a race against time to get home[/caption]


Holidaymakers line up to meet the quarantine deadline in Ibiza[/caption]

The change for those returning to England, Scotland and Wales from the Spanish islands will take place at 4am on Monday, July 19.

This means that the holiday plans of unjabbed Brits who have already booked trips abroad lie in tatters.


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the change was due to Covid case rates having doubled since the Balearics were added to the green list on June 30.

Mr Shapps said: “Travel is not the same as it was before the global pandemic.

“Clearly if you’re booking to a green watch list country you need to make sure you can get your money back and change accommodation.”

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Infections on the islands have soared to 258 cases per 100,000 people.

Double-jabbed Brits coming back after the switch will not have to isolate.

But they will still need to take a test before their return to the UK, and on the second day after getting home.

Kids will also be exempt from isolation but those without a vaccine passport will have to spend ten days at home, and take three expensive PCR tests.

Travellers will be able to prove their vaccine status on their NHS app.

Brits can still travel to the islands by showing their app, or proving they have had a negative test 72 hours before travel.

It means the Costas of Spain and the campsites of France will remain off limits to the un-vaccinated as they will remain amber.

The islands of Malta and Madeira, are currently on the green or green watch list.

Brit holidaymakers must book refundable trips, as destinations risk being suddenly struck off the green list, Mr Shapps had warned earlier this week.

However, Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet, noted that Covid infection rates were rising in the UK but remained lower across much of Europe.

“So we cannot understand why the Government is going to allow people to go to a nightclub – without a mask or social distancing – and yet is not comfortable with people going to the beaches of Europe, where the infection rates are lower than in the UK,” Mr Lundgren said.

“Yet again we see this double standard where travel is treated differently to the domestic economy.”


Majorca will be on the amber list from Monday[/caption]


The decision has sparked outrage for holidaymakers[/caption]


Those who are not double jabbed will have to quarantine on their return[/caption]


Brits queue for PCR tests in Majorca today[/caption]


Covid case rates having doubled since the Balearics were added to the green list[/caption]


Balearic hols have become more difficult because of the change to amber[/caption]


There was a mass Covid outbreak among students celebrating in the Balearic Islands[/caption] Link

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