Hollyoaks fans sickened as Nancy Osbourne boasts of faking her MS attack after seducing Darren behind pregnant Mandy Richardson’s back

HOLLYOAKS fans are disgusted after Nancy Osbourne and Darren slept together behind pregnant Mandy Richardson’s back.

Weak-willed Darren went to visit Nancy to check she was feeling better after she faked an MS attack in last night’s episode, and tonight after she bribed nephew Charlie into keeping her lies secret, Darren arrived.

Nancy revealed her evil scheme to a horrified Darren

But as the pair spoke, they began to flirt and eventually Nancy seduced him as part of her revenge scheme.

And as soon as they were done, Darren got a text from Mandy and began to feel guilty, which Nancy was furious at and she let rip.

She thundered: “Here you are coming around here making all these promises about how you’re going to be here for me, and then you kiss me, but your first thought is how upset your bit on the side is going to be.

“I don’t know what I want Darren, all I know is that I don’t want this.

The pair kissed after Nancy faked an MS attack for sympathy and to save her job
Darren was utterly disgusted at Nancy’s behaviour and stormed out

“Of course you [were worried about me] but you never could spot it when I was faking it.

“The fall, the collapse, I made it up. It was all an act.”

A horrified Darren told her: “You planned all this? Make me feel sorry for you and then reel me in or something?

“What sort of warped mind would use their MS like that? You thought you’d scare Charlie half to death? And Ollie’s meeting yesterday, it was you who sent the email telling me it was cancelled.”

But as he stormed off Nancy realised she had been exposed, and began to panic and to make matters worse when Darren arrived home Mandy told him she was pregnant.

Viewers didn’t feel sorry for Nancy at all and instead were furious at her behaviour.

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