Hollyoaks’ Sally St Claire will expose rapist Laurie Shleby’s abuse, says actress Annie Wallace

HOLLYOAKS rapist Laurie Shelby thinks he has got away with his horrific attack on wife Sinead O’Connor, but he will be exposed by his boss Sally St. Claire.

BAFTA nominated actress Annie Wallace – who plays Hollyoaks High Head Teacher Sally in the Channel 4 soap – has revealed with Laurie raping his wife and his sexual harassment of Sienna Blake, it won’t be long until she starts to figure out he’s not the standup guy he presents to the world.

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Annie Wallace will expose evil Laurie Shelbys vile rape and abuse of his wife Sinead in Hollyoaks[/caption]

Sally recently jilted her fiancee Myra McQueen at the altar after discovering she had cheated on her, and her heartbreak over her relationship is going see her throw herself into her work as Laurie’s boss.

Viewers watched in horror this week as evil Laurie raped Sinead before convincing her that she had wanted it too with cruel manipulations.

But with Sienna Blake, who he had been targeting for sexual harassment in the school, finally speaking out, Sally will have her chance to expose Laurie for what he is – but not quite yet.

“At this stage, I don’t think she does because he’s an absolute charmer,” she exclusively told The Sun Online’s Soap Bubble.

Laurie raped Sinead in disturbing scenes earlier this week
He later gaslighted into believing it hadn’t been rape – when it absolutely was
Laurie’s sickening manipulations had viewers in tears

“He knows how to manipulate people, he knows how to put one face for someone, and another face for another.

“And let’s face it, Laurie works closely with Sally and he doesn’t want her to do anything about this. He can’t help himself. Lying, cheating and abusing is just part of his nature, and I think he regards it as a kind of sport.

“As with all situations, as we saw, Mac Nightingale finally got his comeuppance so I would imagine at some point in the future, near or far, the scales will fall from Sally’s eyes and she will eventually see him for what he is.

“But she’s going a bit of a road to go before that happens I think.”

And with her canny ability to see through villains like Mac, it could only be a matter of time before Sally turns into Hollyoaks’ own Jessica Fletcher and begins hunting down the many serial killers Hollyoaks has to offer.

“Well she’s very intelligent, but shes also a bit of a fruitcake,” laughs Annie.

Annie said: “She wouldn’t have time to do any school things the way people are dropping like flies in Hollyoaks, it’s the most dangerous place to live behind Midsomer.

“It’s almost like Midsomer Murders, they have a murder every week, sometimes we only have two a month. But with our other soap friends we’re up there, beating them. We have a good serial killer.

“You could almost stack them up and just have a conveyor belt going from Hollyoaks village straight into the church for the funeral.”

She added: “I think she’s very good with school and procedure and safe guarding and teaching. I don’t know if she’s really fantastic with human relationships and I think anyone could pretty much pull the wool over her eyes up to a certain point.

With Laurie’s abuse of Sienna also stepping up, she has started to speak out about it

Sally’s suspicions will come to the fore and she will tackle him

“Mac was different because there was a lot of history with him, she sussed him out fairly early on.

“But so long as Laurie keeps this pretence up she is just going to go, ‘I’ve got a good deputy head teacher, and it’s all good’. And obviously Sienna comes with a bit of history, so Sally is more likely to believe this charming attractive efficient deputy head than slightly unhinged Sienna.

“Sienna who locked people up in basements, had a crazy daughter, pretended she was dead, pretended she had cancer and stalked Nancy. I think Sally knows a bit more about Sienna than she does about Laurie. However, she is also very imperfect, so she knows when something is wrong. Eventually she’ll put two and two together and see what he’s doing.”

Annie shot to fame in Hollyoaks when she was revealed as the first transgender actress to play a transgender role in British soap, which was something of a full circle for the actress who worked behind the scenes on Coronation Street to make the late great Hayley Cropper, the nation’s first trans soap character, as accurate as possible.

“Well first Hayley Cropper came along before I did and I always say that, it’s important to know that. She existed as an independent character before I started helping.

“It’s a circle, we see it as a circle in that Coronation Street started, I logically followed, and it’s really weird because 5, 6 years ago, I said to Julie it would be really great if I became the first transgender soap actress regular.

Not known, clear with picture desk

Annie worked behind the scenes on Coronation Street to make sure Hayley’s story was told as accurately as possible[/caption]

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Hayley became one of the nation’s most beloved characters and helped push for trans acceptance in a time when it was not freely given[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Actress Julie credited Annie with making Hayley who she was and the pair shared a birthday[/caption]

“We thought it would be some silly dream but yeah it happened and I owe a lot to Coronation Street for opening my eyes up to the power that soap has to tell a story, in an entertaining way but also to tell it in a way that de-stigmatises things like the way we’ve been de-stigmatising depression, abuse, de-stigmatising LGBT relationships of all kinds and that’s something that Hollyoaks does incredibly well.

“So to do what I did for Coronation Street and the logically be privileged enough to be asked to work here was just a dream come true, it was. I owe most of it to Julie to be honest, she was very much my mentor, my supporter, and she’s my best mate.”

Unfortunately for Sally and other trans women, the levels of abuse directed at them has increased in recent years.

But with soaps like Hollyoaks and Emmerdale showing trans people as they are – just people – and not the dangers to society some would have people believe, things are changing again for the better.

Annie said: “Given the online abuse that trans people have been receiving for the past three years, the escalating online abuse I think it’s more essential than ever that people like myself, and Ash Palmisciano in Emmerdale are out there just being regular people and not the monsters that are being portrayed on social media.

“It has to be acknowledged that there’s a fermented fear about people who have been around for decades and decades and suddenly in the last few years, trans people are dangerous and that to me is a very horrible thing to witness as someone who has spent 30 years of my life just getting on with my life and hurting nobody.

“The idea that some people will see me as some kind of a threat is an absolute horror to me. I try not to get involved too much and I’d rather block people on social media than actually enter a discussion with them because the discussion is led by fear, lies and rumour. The facts themselves, they don’t help in these situations, so I just get on with what I’m doing and concentrate on my job and do the best I can.”

And long may she continue.

* Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with a first look episode following at 7pm

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