Homeowner who found little girl’s ‘look after my house’ note tracks her down more than a decade on

A HOMEOWNER who discovered a letter written by a little girl asking the new family to “look after my house for me” managed to track her down more than a decade later.

Martin Johnstone found the note beneath floorboards as he tore up carpets in his son’s old bedroom in a tenement flat in Southside, Glasgow.

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Charlotte Gardner as she is now, more than a decade after she live in a Glasgow flat[/caption]

The dad-of-two was stunned to find the note, in an envelope marked “A little letter”, hidden in the spare room of the flat.

Determined Martin set about trying to track down the writer, who identified herself as Charlotte Olivia Jane Gardner, who was aged 13 at the time.

Within less than 24 hours of posting an image of the letter on Twitter, Martin, 55, was in touch with Charlotte, who now lives in Bath, Somerset.

“I stumbled across the letter from the spare bedroom, it was hidden under the carpet which I was ripping out,” he said.

Charlotte was 13 when she moved out, which she said made her ‘upset and sad’
SWNS:South West News Service

Martin moved into the property in 2007 and but the letter remained hidden until a couple of weeks ago.

“It was such a lovely letter and in some ways, it was a letter you would expect a 13-year-old to write.”

The note read: “My name is Charlotte Olivia Jane Gardner and I have lived in this house for 11 years and this was once my bedroom.

“I moved in when I was two and I am now 13. I have a sister as well who is 11 and she lived here all her life.

“I am moving out in two days on Friday and I am really upset and sad. Look after my house for me.”

Her heartfelt note was found under the floorboards
SWNS:South West News Service

And below the note, she wished them a “Happy Valentines Day”.

After Martin posted the note on Twitter, Charlotte, now aged 24, saw it within just 18 hours and immediately responded.

She wrote: “It seems your post made its way to me. What a lovely surprise waking up this morning to see this.

“I currently live in Bath and have for 9 years now. I have such fond memories of that flat in Glasgow. I hope you have loved it as much as I did. Thank you Martin.”

The software worker was stunned when she saw her youthful handwriting on the internet.

“I was first confused, somebody sent me a screenshot on Facebook of Martin’s Twitter post but I didn’t understand it but I recognised my hand writing,” she said.

“When I went on Twitter and saw the post I spoke to my mum and she brought it all back to me. She remembers clear as day.”

Recalling her old home, she said: “It was a big gorgeous tenement flat, with lovely high ceilings and as a child it felt huge, we didn’t have a garden but we had the run of the house and always had lots of friends back after school.

“My parents where very social people, my step dad is a musician and he set up recording studios in the spare bedrooms that he let us play with – so many lovely memories there, its a very special house for me.”

Martin said he planned to leave the letter behind if he ever moved out of the house, to “spread the message” to the new owners.

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