Homeowner’s furious rant against ‘terrorist-supporting Corbyn’ after Labour activists asked for his vote

A HOMEOWNER has launched a furious rant against Jeremy Corbyn after Labour activists turned up at his front door asking for his vote.

The man accused the party leader of being a “terrorist supporter” ahead of next month’s general election.

A Labour activist knocked on the man’s door ahead of next month’s general election
But the homeowner launched a furious rant and the supporter walked away

He also branded one of the canvassers an “ignorant little swine” when they jokingly said they would “put him down as a maybe”.

The voter – who has not been identified – started filming the Labour activists when he saw them approaching his door.

He asked them if they were “embarrassed” to be out knocking doors on behalf of Labour and also accused the party of wanting to “bankrupt the country”.


Activists dismissed his claims as “lies” and mocked him by saying they would him down as a “maybe” as they scuttled off.

Footage circulating on WhatsApp today shows the homeowner opening his front door and pointing a camera at a man wearing a red rosette and scarf.

The mild-mannered canvasser says: “Oh, hello, I’m calling from the Labour Party. It’s about the general election. Can I ask if you’ve given any thought…?”

The resident quickly cuts him off, saying: “Right, can I ask you a question?

“Why would I support somebody who stands and shares a platform with people who are terrorists?”

The activist holds out his hand to stop him and says “okay” before turning to leave.

Why would I support somebody who stands and shares a platform with people who are terrorists?

Furious homeowner

But the voter rages: “No, don’t walk away because you’re now going to stand there and tell me the answers.”

The activist waves away his concerns and says “that’s all lies” before walking away.

Unsatisfied with his response, the resident follows him as he joins up with a group of fellow activists and he asks them: “Are you totally embarrassed? Well, come on.

“I want to hear all of you. Don’t walk away. Just let’s hear what you’ve got to say.”


The first activist encourages his colleagues to leave and an elderly canvasser is left to debate the angry resident by himself, arguing: “This country needs a lot of investment.”

But he blasts back: “No, this country needs something other than Corbyn who’s a terrorist supporter lover and somebody like your chancellor who only wants to destroy this country.”

As the old man bends down to pick up some flyers he dropped, he is told: “Pick your bloody cards up and get away from here.”

Another activist sneers from afar: “I’ll put you down as a maybe, cheers.”

The man shouts back: “No I wouldn’t put me down as anything for you lot. You ignorant little swine. Get away.”

It is not known where the video was filmed or when the incident happened.

Corbyn has faced criticism since becoming Labour leader over statements he made in the past seemingly supportive of terrorist groups.

At a meeting of the Stop the War Coalition in Parliament in 2009, Corbyn referred to invited members of Hezbollah and Hamas as “friends”.

Both Hezbollah and the military wing of Hamas are considered terrorist organisations by the Government.

Labour has also angered Brexit voters by calling for a second referendum on the UK’s EU membership in which remaining in the bloc would be an option.

A recent YouGov poll showed support for Labour has fallen dramatically across the country, particularly in traditional strongholds such as Wales and northern England.

The Sun Online has contacted the Labour Party for comment.

One of the men dropped leaflets and was told: “Pick your bloody cards up and get away from here”
The group then walks off following his furious rant


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