Horrific pic of dog’s blistered paws shows danger of taking pets for walk in heatwave as pavement can reach 62C

A HORROR pic of a dog’s blistered paws shows the danger of taking pets out for walks during Britain’s scorching heatwave.

Charities are warning of the threat to animals as pavements reach temperatures of over 60C during the sweltering sunshine this week.

A horror pic of a dog’s burned paws was posted as a warning to owners about the dangers of hot pavements

It was the hottest day of the year in the UK today with 33.3C recorded in Santon Downham, Suffolk.

But this record is expected to tumble as early as this week with forecasts predicting temperatures of 35C and above.

Pet owners have been urged to keep their pets out of the sun and off the streets as backing tarmac reaches melting point.

A lane near Godalming, Surrey turned molten in the scorching sun today with tyre tracks being embedded in the softened surface.

The heatwave sweeping through the UK this week is expected to bring temperatures in excess of 35C
A graphic shared online explains that temperatures on pavements can reach in excess of 60C

Twitter user @Zucchinisaurus, who posted the shocking snap of the burned pup, was among those warning of the danger the hot weather posed to dogs.

They wrote: “Before you take your dog for a walk in hot weather, take off your shoes / socks and stand on the pavement.

“If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog!”.

And a social media post shared by pet welfare accound Keeley’s Pet Service explained how walkways can reach baking temperatures.

They said that once temperatures exceed 31C the asphalt can be as hot as 62C.

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Pets have to contend with baking hot pavements and roads. A lane in Godalming, Surrey melted in the heat today[/caption]


Pet welfare bodies have warned of animals suffering heat strokes and sunburn

The RSPCA says dogs should only be walked early in the morning or at night “when they will not burn their paws on the pavement or be at increased risk of heatstroke”.

And owners should be vigilant for signs that their pet has suffered painful burns — including limping, licking their feet, or suffering from blistered, red or darkened pads.

Meanwhile, signs that dogs are suffering from heat stroke include heavy panting, vomiting, and red or dark gums and tongue.

If they do show these signs they should be cooled gradually by giving them cool but not cold water and pouring cool water over them.

Cat owners should check greenhouses and conservatories before locking them in case their pet becomes trapped.

Chiltern Council said that that pet owners should give their dogs and cats plenty of water
Keeleys Pet Service said that tarmac can reach baking point in hot weather

People have been told to stay out of the blazing sun until Friday as a blast of hot air dubbed the “Mediterranean melt” moves in.

The country is now on a level three heatwave warning from the Met Office – one step below the most severe, at which point it is expected that fit and healthy people will begin to experience health issues.

A sunburn warning was issued by Public Health England after 220 people were treated in hospital for overexposure over the past two months.

It urged for “common sense” in the continuing heat, advising people to wear sun cream and clothing that covers the skin, and to limit the amount of time spent in the sun each day.

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Joggers in Portsmouth, Hampshire today. Pet owners were told to test the heat of the pavement with the soles of their feet[/caption]

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Beachgoers ignored heat warnings today to hit the sands at Lyme Regis, Dorset[/caption]

Britain’s hottest ever day on record is 38.5 degrees recorded at Faversham, in Kent, in August 2003.

London, Kent and East Anglia will feel the burn most severely, with a peak in temperature predicted for Wednesday and Thursday.

The northwestern regions will feel fresher, with temperatures in the low to mid 20s.

Scotland could experience highs of up to 25C, Wales could jump to 26C and Northern Ireland to 24C.

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