Horrified mum left concussed and ‘scarred for life’ by ‘Magic Staff’ she bought as Christmas gift for son

A MUM was left with concussed by a magic trick she bought for her son’s Christmas present.

Clarissa Clary, 44, bought the fun-looking ‘Magic Staff’ after seeing a video of the palm-held product starting as a two-inch metal tube before extending into a 5ft staff at the click of a button.

Clarissa accidentally set-off the retractable staff in her face with such force medics say she was lucky not to suffer brain damage
SWNS:South West News Service
Mum-of-three Clarissa had an lucky escape after the gift for her son missed her an eye by an inch
SWNS:South West News Service

But the mum-of-three was left “scarred for life” when she accidentally set-off the retractable staff in her face with such force medics say she was lucky not to suffer brain damage.

Injured Clarissa said: “I had put it back in the box ready to get it wrapped for Christmas but when I picked up the bag I must have released it and it shot out and hit me straight in the face.

“I was in a daze for quite a few hours holding onto my head. At the time my dad and daughter were laughing at me and I actually laughed at the time too.

“But then my dad said: ‘Are you okay?’ because it knocked me to the floor.

“I was holding onto my head and he said: ‘Let me have a look’ and then blood starting pouring from it. I had blood all over my face and my arms.”


The make-up artist, of Canvey Island, Essex, added: “It fires out at hundreds of miles per hour so in a second you get this five foot long staff shooting up at your head.

“Thankfully it missed my eye by an inch but I could have lost my eye and the hospital said it could have even caused brain damage.

“It left me feeling really sick and dizzy. I didn’t have any feeling there because the force of it had severed all the nerves.”

The mum, who needed hospital treatment, posted on Facebook after the shock injuries she suffered from the gift she bought for her son Caine, 16, from a Chinese seller on Ebay.

She wrote: “This is a big Huge WARNING To anyone out there that has bought a magic staff or thinking about buying a of these dangerous items for anyone DON’T!!”

She added: “All I could think of was how lucky I was as I could of lost my eye.

“The hospital said the same, could have been life-threatening. This thing is so so dangerous, if a child got hold of this I dread to think what could happen.”
Although Clarissa paid £6.50 she said sites are selling them for as little as £2 each.
Following the accident, which happened as she prepared for Christmas, she plans to report the seller to Trading Standards.

Clarissa, pictured with son Caine, issued a warning on Facebook for others to not by the magic trick
SWNS:South West News Service
Clarissa was left with blood and over her face and arms after the accident
SWNS:South West News Service



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