Horrifying moment cop shoots and kills knife-wielding man after pleading with him to ‘stop’ as he charged towards him

THIS is the horrifying moment a cop fatally shoots a man who charged him with two butcher knives.

Shocking footage shows officer Christopher Royer asking him to “stop,” as the man can be seen charging towards him, during a traffic stop in Nashville, Tennessee.

The passenger got out of the car charging towards the cop with two knives
Police Handout

The man was later identified as Marvin Vega, 33[/caption]

Officer Royer was on routine patrol in the city’s Bordeaux neighborhood on Saturday when he stopped the white Mercedes.

According to Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, the driver remained cooperative but the passenger got out of the car with two butcher knives.

In the video, the armed man can be seen attempting to get inside the police officer’s car, while officer Royer can be heard urging him to drop his weapon.

“What are you doing? Drop the knife!” he yelled.

The driver can also be heard yelling “What are you doing? Stop!”

Moments later the man can be seen charging towards the cop who shouts “I don’t want to shoot you!”

As the passenger approaches him officer Royer, shoots the man three times before he collapsed in the street.

Authorities said he died after he was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Officer Royer can be heard asking the man to drop his weapon
As he got closer, Royer shot him three times in the chest

The man who was later identified as Marvin Vega, 33,  was wanted in Massachusetts for the murder of a man Brockton in 2020, Fox17 reports.

Vega and his alleged accomplice, identified as Takari Elliot, are accused of shooting a 25-year-old multiple times in the head and body.

Elliot had been arrested back in March but he had remained on the loose until the incident.

Police Chief John Drake said during a press conference :”What you don’t see on there is that, when he was down, there were five officers who rendered aid to this individual,” reports NBC News.

He added that the officer was facing a lethal situation and responded appropriately.

The shooting comes after teen Ma’khia Bryant, was fatally shot by a cop in Ohio just moments before Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

Footage from the scene showed a “knife-wielding” teen being shot multiple times amid an altercation with two other females.

Two girls can be seen arguing before a cop shouted “Get down” and began firing his weapon multiple times at one of them.

The officer was later identified as Nicholas Reardon  and has been placed on administrative leave.

A knife was seen in the girl's hand in the graphic vid
Footage from the scene shows a girl holding a knife

Meanwhile, celebrations erupted across the country after killer cop Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd on all counts.

Chauvin will be sentenced for the murder on June 16.

 Floyd was killed by Chauvin when he knelt on his neck for around eight minutes in May 2020.


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