Horror fans disgusted at half-sheep, half-human baby in trailer for new Noomi Rapace movie Lamb

HORROR fans have been left disgusting at the half-sheep, half-human baby in the trailer for Noomi Rapace’s new film Lamb.

The movie, which is set to premiere in theatres in October, stars the Swedish actress as she looks to raise an extraordinary sheep baby.


Fans were left disgusted by the strange half-sheep, half-human baby[/caption]


The film stars iconic Swedish actress Noomi Rapace[/caption]

Alongside Hilmir Snær Guðnason, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson and Ingvar Sigurðsson, Noomi depicts a childless wife living in rural Iceland.

The trailer shows her making an alarming find while helping her sheep give birth in their sheep barn, merging human and animal qualities.

Going against the will of nature to heal the pain of being without a child, the couple go on to try and raise the hybrid child.

But they meet dark consequences as they are alienated by friends and neighbours, and find themselves at the will of the sheep they care for.

The supernatural folklore film, which debuted at Cannes Film Festival earlier this month, has received high praise for its bizarre storyline.

But after the trailer was released online this week, fans were quick to share their disgust towards the half-sheep, half-child character.

Taking to Twitter, one kicked off the debate: “Weird and so creepy,” while a second agreed: “Looks freaky. Utterly bizarre.”

A third chimed in: “That is seriously f***ed up and scary.”

Another disgareed, explaining they felt that the hybrid child wasn’t made to look unusual enough, and instead resembled Paddington Bear.

“I wish they had made the design of the sheep child more creative and weird instead of being Paddington Lamb,” they wrote.

Others said they liked the look of the character, writing: “I would love a weird mutant lamb baby, I would love it and protect it.”

The film sees director Valdimar Jóhannsson make his feature-film debut, alongside producer Hrönn Kristinsdóttir and Sara Nassim.

Kristinsdóttir and Nassim said of the release: “We‘re excited to see this visual poem that Sjón and Valdimar have created come to life.

“Having Noomi on board, who speaks Icelandic and truly understands the story, the culture and María’s character, is incredibly valuable for the film.”

Lamb, which is part of A24 entertainment group, joins an impressive list of horror films from the film distributor including Midsommar and The Witch.

Lamb will be released in cinemas on October 8.


The sheep baby is brought up by the human couple[/caption]


The Icelandic couple face the consequences for raising the child[/caption]


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