How can Pakistan qualify for the Cricket World Cup semi-final when they play Bangladesh?

PAKISTAN face Bangladesh in what is likely be the last game of their Cricket World Cup.

England convincingly beat New Zealand to make things a lot harder for Sarfaraz Ahmed’s men, but do they still have any chance of reaching the semi-final?

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Are Pakistan out of the Cricket World Cup?

Pakistan are not technically out of the Cricket World Cup, but they need a mathematical miracle against already eliminated Bangladesh to go through.

How can Pakistan qualify for the Cricket World Cup semi-final?

Pakistan must beat the world record ODI cricket win (290 runs) to make it to the World Cup semi-final.

The full permutations are as follows:

  • If Pakistan score 350, they must win by 311 runs.
  • If Pakistan score 400, they must win by 316 runs.
  • If Pakistan score 450, they must win by 321 runs.
  • If Bangladesh win the toss and choose to bat, Pakistan are out before a ball has been bowled.


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