How clean is your kitchen? These are the appliances that could be making you ILL if left uncleaned

ACCORDING to a survey by, 71 per cent of us don’t clean our home appliances regularly, with washing machines only receiving a deep clean once a year on average.

The survey suggests ovens and dishwashers are almost as neglected, with the average adult cleaning their oven only twice and their dishwasher three times throughout the year. And with fridges and microwaves making the list too, experts have revealed the best way to tackle your most overlooked appliances.

According to a survey, 71 per cent of us don't clean our home appliances regularly
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According to a survey, 71 per cent of us don’t clean our home appliances regularly[/caption]

Washing machine

According to research, 44% of washing machines contain E. coli. Sue Moore, Managing Director of Bright & Beautiful,  recommends cleaning the appliance every month – unless it starts to smell or mould becomes visible.

“Remove the detergent drawer and put it to soak in hot soapy water. When the water has cooled, use an old toothbrush to get rid of any mould or dirt,” Sue told The Mirror.

“To clean the main machine, run a hot empty cycle – your manual may specify which is the best cycle to use. When it’s finished, open the door to air-dry the drum. Take a damp cloth and wipe around the rubber seal to get rid of residue that has collected.”

Washing machines should be cleaned once each month
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Washing machines should be cleaned once each month[/caption]


On average, us Brits clean our fridge just eight times a year, and according to one study, salad drawers can contain up to 750 times the amount of bacteria considered to be safe.

“Ideally do a light clean of shelves and drawers weekly before a big shop, cleaning up spills and throwing out old food – then a deeper clean every three months,” Sue told The Mirror.

“For a deep clean, remove food, and use a damp cloth to wipe the lids and bottoms of cartons or jars of jam. Next, remove shelves and drawers. Spray the inside of the fridge with a kitchen cleaner and let it get to work.”

Sue also says it’s important to clean the drain hole – as this can often cause an unpleasant odour.

“Don’t forget the drain hole – if this gets blocked it can smell. You’ll notice water in your salad drawer. First mop up any excess water around the hole, then insert a cotton bud or pipe cleaner to remove bits of food.”

We clean our fridge eight times a year on average
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We clean our fridge eight times a year on average[/caption]


It’s the one appliance we never want to clean, but Sue recommends wiping the oven door weekly to minimise a build up of dirt and bacteria.

“Remove shelves and either soak overnight in hot soapy water or spray with oven cleaner and place in a sealed plastic bag for 30 minutes before scrubbing,” she told The Mirror.

“Cover heating elements and remove food. Spray with cleaner and leave to work for as long as recommended before wiping with a damp sponge or use hot soapy water and washing-up liquid. Use a toothbrush on corners. Don’t forget that handle!”

Sue also recommends checking manuals – as some ovens “won’t tolerate certain products”.

It's the one kitchen appliance we never want to clean
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It’s the one kitchen appliance we never want to clean[/caption]


Research by the University of Ljubljana, in Slovenia, revealed bacteria including E. coli could be lingering in your dishwasher.

According to Sue, unblocking the drain of your dishwasher is essential in minimising this. She also suggests a thorough monthly clean using white vinegar.

“First, remove the lower plate rack and – referring to your manual – remove the drain and clean it in the sink with a toothbrush to remove any grains or trapped food,” reveals Sue.

“The arms of the dishwasher can be cleaned with washing-up liquid, running water through them to get rid of blockages.

“Give the dishwasher unit a thorough clean monthly by placing a cup of white vinegar on the top rack before running the otherwise empty dishwasher through its hottest cycle.”

Unblocking the drain of your dishwasher is essential
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Unblocking the drain of your dishwasher is essential[/caption]


From defrosting raw meat, to inevitable spills – microwaves can harbour bacteria if left uncleaned and according to a study by, we only clean them 21 times per year on average.

For best results, simply wipe with warm water and washing up liquid.

Chemist Barry Bladon recommends using an anti-abrasive cleaning product, so not to damage your oven.

“Always use an anti-abrasive product as a tiny scratch can harbour germs as well as damage your microwave,” Barry told The Mirror.

Clean your microwave with warm water and washing up liquid
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Clean your microwave with warm water and washing up liquid[/caption]

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