How id Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper’s doing now?

KATE GARRAWAY’S husband Derek Draper remains very ill in hospital after he contracted coronavirus in March 2020.

Kate has been very open about her husband’s life-threatening condition with her fans.

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Kate with her husband psychotherapist and author Derek Draper before he got sick[/caption]

What is the latest on Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper?

On August 10, Kate gave an update on her husband Derek Draper’s coronavirus battle as she said she felt guilty over returning to Good Morning Britain.

The 53-year-old told co-host Adil Ray she didn’t want to upset viewers by speaking about Derek’s condition every week, while adding his recovering is “a waiting game”.

Kate spoke about the challenges Derek still faces and said she desperately wants him to wake up, she said: “He’s very much still with us. There seem to be different challenges every week.

“I know everyone has been so lovely and are concerned, but then you don’t want to talk about it on GMB every time because it’s not cheering up everyone that’s trying to cope with Covid.”

Kate’s husband Derek Draper is ill in hospital after contracting coronavirus in March 2020

Timeline of Derek Draper’s coronavirus battle

Kate Garraway has had to cope as her husband battles coronavirus

What else do we know about Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper’s time in hospital?

Appearing from her home in North London in June, an emotional Kate recalled her final words to Derek before doctors put him in an induced coma.

She said: “He couldn’t really speak to me because of the mask, but he was begging me, ‘I feel like I’m suffocating, please let them put me in a coma’, because there was a debate about that.

“But I said ‘no we’ve got to wait’ because if his lungs can handle it that’s better.

“Then on the Sunday morning they rang me up and said we’re going to be putting him in a coma, and he just said to me ‘I love you, I am sorry I have to leave you’, and I said ‘it’s only for three or four days and you’re going to fine this is good, this is good. This is what you wanted, to rest.’”

Kate went on: “He said to me ‘you have saved my life, I don’t just mean now I mean everything. Being married to you and the children.’

“And I said, ‘I love you I love you’ and then he was gone and that was it. He was under.”

The GMB presenter also shared the last words Derek said to their two kids Darcy and Bill before he was taken away in the ambulance.

She revealed: “Derek told them ‘you’re the best children anyone could ask for, be good for mum, look after her’ and that was it. He went straight to intensive care.”

Kate and her family have been able to visit Derek twice since he was admitted.

Many stars such as Piers Morgan and Ben Shephard, who Kate hosts Good Morning Britain with, have sent their best wishes to the star and her husband.

Piers tweeted: “This breaks my heart. Few happier, more positive people than @kategarraway. Or a more loyal, decent friend & colleague.

“So many families like hers going through so much unimaginable anguish in this crisis. Sending all my love to Kate & continuing to root for Derek.”

She’s thanked everyone for their ongoing support and wished other families going through similar struggles her best wishes.


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