How Kerry Katona has made a career out of posing for belly-grabbing beach photoshoots for over a decade

WHEN most TV stars pose by the pool they suck in their bellies and try to show off their best angles.

But Kerry Katona does the total opposite, grabbing her belly whenever she spots a camera and letting everything hang out.

The TV star grabbed her tummy while enjoying a dip in the pool
Kerry Katona has been snapped sunbathing topless in Greece

As new pictures of the star showing off her curves emerge this week, we couldn’t help thinking we’d seen her in that belly-grabbing pose before a fair few times over the last decade.

It’s no surprise Kerry has made the ‘beach belly grab’ snap an annual ritual – as every time she reveals she’s gain a few pounds in weight, the pounds of cash come rolling in.

The refreshingly honest star admitted this week that she has made a “career” out of her fluctuating weight.

She said: “Let’s be honest if I didn’t put weight on and lose it I wouldn’t have a career!!!!!”

She pocketed £250k from her fitness DVD and was once paid £30k to lose several stone in eight weeks.

Here, we look at how she honed her strategic money-making pose.

2006 – The beginning of burgers and bikinis

Kerry saw her showbiz star soar thanks to her Atomic Kitten stint from 1998 to 2001, a brief marriage to Westlife’s Brian McFadden from 2002 to 2006, and 2004 I’m A Celebrity win.

In 2006, the then-mum-of-two – who was pregnant with third child, daughter Heidi – was snapped enjoying lunch while sunbathing topless during a holiday to Spain.

The expectant mum was snapped enjoying lunch while sunbathing topless in Spain in 2006
Solar Pix

In August 2008, she controversially had liposuction to get rid of her baby weight just four months after welcoming son Maxwell.

The surgery, funded by MTV, saw her drop from 12 stone to 8 stone.

2009 – £250k for fitness DVD

Kerry was keen to capitalise on the interest in her personal life, and following a number of lucrative reality TV shows she was in talks from 2007 to front her own fitness DVD.

She is believed to have pocketed £250,000 from the Kerry Katona Real Fitness DVD, which came out in 2010 after she dropped from a size 16 to a size eight.

This snap of Kerry in a pool in 2009 became the size 16 ‘before’ pic on her lucrative fitness DVD

The ‘before’ snap on the cover was taken while she relaxed in the pool on a 2009 holiday with her second husband Mark Croft.

But by 2012, the then-mum-of-four had decided she wanted to return her body back to the state it had been in before the birth of her first child in 2001.

She spent £25,000 on plastic surgery, including an £8,500 tummy tuck.

2014 – Back to belly-grabbing

In May 2014, Kerry was snapped looking curvy in a pink bikini during another getaway – and adopted her belly-grabbing pose only again.

Only a month before, in April, she had given birth to her fifth child, daughter Dylan-Jorge Rose.

The star inspected her post-baby body in May 2014 just four months before looking very trim at her wedding to third husband George Kay
Fame Flynet

However, shortly afterwards Kerry dropped 15lb in four weeks.

She looked very trim when she got married in the September to third husband George Kay.

The star revealed she’d then put a stone on at the end of 2014 – going from a size 8 and 9st 3lbs, to a size 10-12 and 10st 3lbs.

2015 – More butties on the beach

In April 2015, Kerry unveiled her newly slimmed-down figure.

She revealed her weight loss was due to giving up alcohol and sugary foods.

Kerry enjoyed a sandwich during a holiday to Spain in 2015
Splash News

It had been reported that the star was paid £30,000 to slim from a size 14 to a size 10 in just eight weeks.

However, by September she was pictured on holiday in Spain enjoying a sandwich and later said she had been “pigging out” in her first year of marriage to George.

2016 – Getting rid of the ‘jelly belly’

Kerry kicked off 2016 on holiday in Morocco as a size 12.

It came as she vowed to banish her “jelly belly” in just six weeks, and unveiled her new slimming plan KFIT Kerry Nutrition.

Kerry (pictured in January 2016) vowed to slim down her size 12 figure
Fame Flynet
In the same month she launched her new slimming plan KFIT Kerry Nutrition
Fame Flynet

By April 2016, she had shrunk once more to a size eight following a two stone weight loss which saw her drop three dress sizes.

She revealed she had hired two personal trainers to achieve the transformation.

In December, Kerry was seen focused on her tummy once more while on the beach in Abu Dhabi.

Kerry was pictured in December 2016 following her £12,000 liposuction
Flynet Pictures

She later revealed she had spent £12,000 on liposuction, and also had undergone a tummy tuck.

Cocktails while sunbathing topless in 2018

Following her split with George in the summer of 2017, Kerry showed off her slim figure in Dubai in early 2018 after a two stone weight loss.

In March, Kerry insisted that her toned body was down to 5.30am yoga, as well other exercise and a healthy diet.

In October 2018, she was snapped sipping on a cocktail

Kerry also admitted using weight loss injections, created by Real Housewives of Cheshire’s Ampika Pickston, designed to suppress appetite.

In August, she revealed she was relieved about her slight weight gain following a “severe” vomiting bug that made her “feel like skin and bones”.

By October, the star was pictured in Thailand looking much healthier and sipping on a cocktail.

As Kerry tells her 466k adoring fans: “No one ever really feels good about putting weight on but don’t ever let it rule your life!!!”

She adds: “Happiness comes from within!”


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