How many episodes are in BBC crime drama The Investigation?

THE same cadaver dogs used in the actual submarine murder case of Swedish journalist Kim Wall appear in hit series, The Investigation.

Airing on BBC Two, the real-life drama shows dogged detectives seeking a logical and scientific cause of her horrific death to convict evil inventor, Peter Madsen.


Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who was brutally killed in a self-built submarine in 2017[/caption]

How many episodes are in The Investigation?

There are six episodes in BBC Two’s The Investigation. It’s being shown in Danish and Swedish, with English subtitles.

Episode 1: In August 2017, Jens Moller, chief of homicide in Copenhagen, learns of a missing Swedish journalist, Kim Wall, who has not returned from interviewing the designer of a homemade submarine.

Episode 2: As the police incident room is flooded with calls regarding the case, Jens and his team follow up various leads.

Forensics have discovered traces of human blood in the raised sub, which has to be analysed.

Various sailing clubs are contacted to attempt to identify a yacht seen close to the submarine, while attempts are made to trace the route of the submarine on its final and seemingly fatal voyage.

Meanwhile, Jens contacts the missing journalist’s parents to ask for access to their daughter’s computers.


Peter Madsen, builder and captain of the private submarine ‘UC3 Nautilus’ pictured in Dragoer Harbor south of Copenhagen[/caption]

Episode 3: With volunteers and divers continuing their search for evidence, Jens explains that it is very difficult without the exact trace of the route taken by the submarine.

Episode 4: Jens asks the Swedish police to borrow their cadaver dogs – not commonly used in Denmark.

He is successful in procuring a warrant from the court to search the suspect’s hard drives.

A chance meeting brings the involvement of Torben Vang, an oceanographer with expertise on the complex currents in the waters between Denmark and Sweden.

Scanpix Denmark/REuters

At the crime scene – during the search for Kim Wall[/caption]

Episode 5: Even with the tremendous finds of the divers, Jakob admits that there is still too little evidence to charge the suspect with murder.

This is despite his story having changed dramatically from his initial account.

An expert on submarines contradicts the suspect’s latest statement, and a forensic computer analyst discovers some very disturbing content on his devices.

Episode 6: The team remains focused on being able to establish the guilt of their suspect, as members are reminded that the benefit of doubt lies with the accused.

Jens continues to put pressure on the forensics team to provide answers, but it is investigator Maibritt Porse, who finally pieces together enough clues to break the case.

Scanpix Denmark/REuters

Members of the Danish Emergency Management Agency prepare to search for body parts[/caption]

What is The Investigation about?

The Investigation is about the 2017 murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

Kim, who was researching a story on inventor Peter Madsen, went missing after he took her out to sea in his 17-metre (56-foot) submarine on August 10.

He denied killing her, saying she died in an accident.

But, she had been decapitated in the homemade submarine.

Investigators found her headless torso.

Kim’s body had been weighted down with metal and an attempt had been made to remove gas and air from inside it to keep it on the seabed.

Writer and director Tobias Lindholm, of Copenhagen, set about making the documentary, after speaking with members of the police and the victim’s family.


Scene from the limited miniseries The Investigation, about the 2017 murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall[/caption]

Associated Press explains that the series is “about people who did their job” – but the focus isn’t on lurid or gruesome details.

The director said it would have been “tasteless and inhumane” to show blood, or depicting limbs being chopped off.

Instead, the hit show “explores the close relationship forged between Kim’s grief-stricken parents and the head of homicide, whose pursuit of the case has personal costs”.

Lindholm did, however, use the same cadaver dogs which took part in the actual murder case.

He also used the same crane ship that recovered the sub and even asked the same police divers to recreate their steps.

The Oscar-nominated writer and director’s six-part series proved to be a huge hit in Denmark in 2020.

Getty – Contributor

Peter Madsen in front of his submarine UC3 Nautilus on May 31, 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark[/caption]

Where can I watch The Investigation?

The six-part series is currently airing on BBC Two and is also available to stream on iPlayer.


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