How many people has Joe Goldberg killed in You?

BASED on his appearance You’s Joe Goldberg appears book-smart, easygoing and gentle, however, throughout the Netflix series he’s revealed as a toxic stalker and serial killer.

Played by Penn Badgley, Joe is a former bookstore manager whose true twisted identity slowly unravels up meeting Guinevere Beck at his workplace in New York City.


Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You[/caption]

How many people has Joe Goldberg killed in You?

In just two seasons of You, Joe has killed an eye popping eight people, including his ex-girlfriend Beck.

Joe’s obsession with Beck got so out of control when he tried to control every aspect of her life, which led fans on that she would fall victim to Joe.

Season 1

Benji: Beck’s former lover Benji was Joe’s first domino to fall in the series.

Joe lured Benji to the bookstore’s basement under false pretenses, before smacking him over the head and imprisoning him in the glass cage where he kept his precious books.

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Joe’s first victim was Beck’s former lover Benji, who he kept trapped in a glass cage in the basement of his bookstore[/caption]

Benji proved to be harder to kill for Joe, whom he kept locked in the cage for some time, until he eventually decided to kill him and burn his remains in the wood.

Peach Salinger: Peach the controlling queen bee of Beck’s inner circle of privileged friends.

Peach see’s past Joe’s fake charm and presents a real threat to Joe.

Initially, Joe hits her over the head with a rock in Central Park, however she manages to survive that attack.

Peach ultimately died at the end of season one at her family’s home in Greenwich after Joe shoots her just after Beck leaves the holiday home.

Joe writes a fake suicide note to cover his tracks.


Towards the end of season one, Joe kills Beck’s friend Peach Salinger[/caption]

Elijah: Elijah was Joe’s very first victim, however viewers learned about his killing in a flashback towards the end of season one.

Elijah, the guy that Joe’s ex Candace cheated on him with, is killed after Joe pushes him off a tall building in New York.

Ron: Ron’s death was bound to happen at one point during season one.

Joe feels it’s his duty to protect his neighbor Claudia’s son, Paco, the his abusive stepfather.

Throughout season one, Ron often calls Joe “sick” and “a freak”, however he is ultimately stabbed to death by Joe when he came to the defense of Paco.


Joe and Paco[/caption]

Beck: Beck ultimately discovered Joe’s box of souvenirs hidden in his bathroom ceiling that contained a jar of Benji’s teeth.

Upon discovering that Beck found the hidden items, Joe quickly subdues her before she can get away.

Joe procedes to locking her in the same glass cage Benji was locked up in.

However, Beck manages to escape momentarily before being overpowered by Joe, who procedes to strangle her to death.

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Joe’s obsession with Beck begin after meeting her at his bookstore[/caption]

Season 2

Jasper: In season two, Jasper, a debt collector, who Joe (under the identity as Will now) owes $50,000 to.

Will Bettelheim, who is trapped in a storage unit by Joe, revealed to Joe that Jasper was a former client of his and failed to pay him back his money.

Jasper is ultimately killed after he attempts to kill Joe himself with a pocket knife, however Joe grabs a knife off of his workbench and killed Jasper.

Joe disposes of the body by butchering him into pieces.

Henderson: Henderson is a well known famous comedian, however it is later revealed that he’s an abuser of underage girls.

It’s Joe’s neighbor, Delilah, who unveils the truth about the celebrity, as she recalls a memory of her being assaulted aged 17.


Joe ultimately moves to Los Angeles to get away from his twisted past in New York City[/caption]

Joe then breaks into Henderson’s home in an attempt to force a confession out of him on tape.

However, his plan doesn’t work and Joe ends up pushing Henderson down the stairs.

His mother’s abuser: In season two fans got to see Joe’s abusive childhood he and his mother endured by her husband.

In one flashback, we see Joe’s mom being abused by her husband, young Joe then steps in, shooting and killing the man in a bid to save his mother.

Will there be a season 3 of You?

Season three of You is scheduled to be released in 2021.

The third season will feature the continuation of Joe’s relationship with Love Quinn, who is pregnant with his child.

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for the upcoming season.


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