How to baby-proof your hotel room from hiding curtain pulls to getting rid of sharp edges

FAMILIES going on holiday this year should take precautions if staying at a hotel with their little ones.

Babies are at risk from a number of hazards in the hotel room.

We reveal how to make your hotel room safe for your kids
We reveal how to make your hotel room safe for your kids
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Thankfully they can easily be fixed when with some simple supplies such as tape and antibacterial wipes.

We reveal all the things to check as soon as you check in – and what you can do to make it as safe as possible for toddlers.

See if the hotel has baby supplies

The first thing to check is if the hotel has childcare kits or supplies.

Some may offer items such as travel chairs and bathtubs, bottle warmers and safety devices which can be used in the room.

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Hide dangling curtain cords

Most hotels will have curtains and blinds which can be adjusted with a cord.

However, these can be a health hazard for kids if they are on the floor and can get tangled.

Make sure to pull them out of kids heights and tuck them away where they can’t be grabbed.

Clean the remotes and other loose items

Despite being cleaned before the next guest, most hotel rooms have dirty places which are often overlooked.

This can include things such as the remote or bathroom cups.

Wipe them with an antibacterial wipe or gel beforehand, in case these end up being picked up or chewed by young kids.

Most hotel rooms need to be baby proofed first
Most hotel rooms need to be baby proofed first
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Close plug sockets with tape or stoppers

While it is often joked that hotel rooms lack plug sockets, the few sockets that there are could still cause problems.

Plug covers are perfect to put into them to prevent small fingers.

If in a foreign country where they don’t fit, then using duct tape can also work for this.

Tape cotton balls to sharp table and bed corners

Sharp edges such as side tables, desks and beds can result in bumped heads.

Using cotton balls with tape on each corner can help to make them less dangerous for kids.

Check the furniture cannot be pulled from the wall

Drawers and wardrobes in hotel rooms may not be attached to the walls which can result in dangerous injuries if they are pulled over.

While they can’t be attached easily, they can be blocked from being grabbed instead.

Put suitcases or cushions in front of them so they can’t be accessed by crawling kids.

Crawl on the floor for any rubbish or small objects

One of the best ways to check if anything dangerous is lying around? Get on your hands and knees like a baby.

This way you can check for any loose items or sharp objects that could be within arms reach on the floor and underneath the bed.

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