How to make paper snowflakes – easy and cheap homemade Christmas decorations explained

IF you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful way to keep your kids entertained this Christmas, making paper snowflakes could be the perfect winter tonic.

Here’s how to create the festive decorations in six easy steps…

Making paper snowflakes is a cheap and fun way to keep your kids entertained during the Christmas holidays
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How do I make paper snowflakes?

  1. Fold a square piece of paper diagonally in half, to make a triangle.
  2. Fold it in half again, so the corners meet.
  3. Fold your triangle into thirds, into the shape of a rocket.
  4. Cut the two tail ends off your paper, so it’s a straight-bottomed triangle again.
  5. Begin to cut the folded paper with different combinations of straight and curvy lines. Experiment with different sizes and shapes of cutouts, to make yours truly unique.
  6. Unfold the paper to see your snowflake. Use blu tack to attach it to a window, or make a garland by sticking them next to each other along the wall.

You can even find snowflake templates online, to make things easier for your youngsters
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Where can I get a ready made paper snowflake template?

For younger kids who are new to this, you can also get pre-made snowflake templates.

Most of them have black areas which you simply cut away, to reveal an artistic snowflake.

You can find the basics on websites like First Palette.


How do I make a paper snowflake tree?

For the most creative among you, you can also make a mini Christmas tree using three paper snowflakes.

Simply cut and curve the paper into a cone, put a kebab skewer through the centre and glue everything in place.

There’s a tutorial for making the trees on Pinterest, here.


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