Huge hairy dog awaits Arsenal and Chelsea fans at Baku stadium… and even has it’s own massive kennel

ARSENAL and Chelsea fans had better watch their behaviour — to avoid being ruffed up by a huge hairy security dog in Baku.

The massive hound even has its own kennel outside the 69,000-capacity ground for the Europa League final.

The pooch sits and watches guard over the Baku Olympic Stadium
The dog’s name appears to be Kaymak, as printed above the entrance to the kennel

Above the kennel’s entrance is the name Kaymak, with a bowl of water for the pooch to have a drink.

The golden brown dog appears to be a Caucasian Shepherd, which are more common in Russia and Azerbaijan

They are known as excellent guard dogs, but do not give out affection to strangers.

So fans of the two London clubs should avoid giving the dog too many head rubs come Wednesday night.


One player the dog will not be able to sniff is Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who is being left at home in London due to bizarre political tension sparked by the presence of the Armenian.

Uefa have not been able to guarantee the safety of the former Dortmund and Manchester United star, due to a fallout over disputed lands that border the two countries.

The 30-year-old was the one who made the final call not to travel to Baku.

Meanwhile N’Golo Kante has been ruled out of the final after picking up a knee injury during training at Cobham.

Chelsea did a session in Surrey on Monday ahead of the final and are yet to travel out.

The final is set to take place in the 69,000-capacity Olympic Stadium
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