Dry oil : how and why to use it ?

What is a dry oil ?

Theoil tumble has the same texture as a traditional oil, but with a capacity of rapid absorption that leaves no oily film on the skin. A real plus for the hurry of the morning, who do not have the time to wait until the care gets.

This product to the touch non-greasy and can be composed of several other oils (argan, apricot, or coconut for example), each with their properties special : nourishing, softening, or moisturizing. We sometimes add essential oils. It can be applied on the hair and the skin.

The benefits of dry oil for skin

As a true concentrate ofagents, nutrients and moisturizers, dry skin and mature love. If it feels tight and lacks elasticity, thedry oil can ease it by providing the nutrition and thehydration that it needs.

How to use it ? On the face, before your day cream for an intense nutrition or with a few drops in your daily care to maximize its effectiveness. To nourish and soften the body, apply a little onto the desired area and massage in gently. Result : the skin is soft and sublime !

The advantages of dry oil for hair

It is also the ally of the lengths of dry and split ends by quest nutrition. To find hair soft and nourished, nothing like a hair mask made with the’dry oil. Just apply directly on the tips and leave on for an hour at minimum, or overnight if possible, before proceeding to the shampoo. You can also place a small amount on damp hair before drying or after blow drying to restore their vitality and brilliance without weighing it down.

You can do it !

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