Humpback Whale Found In Amazon Jungle Puzzles Experts

Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources – Facebook

A beach in Oahu, Hawaii has been “haunted” by an unwanted visitor for more than a month, as repeated attempts to remove a huge sperm whale carcass have failed.The whale carcass first washed up on shore on January 10. Since then, the state’s Department of Land and Natural Resources made two separate attempts to tow the carcass out to sea, and both failed. Two separate attempts to pull the body to sea have

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Ever since Gerber baby food slapped a photo of an adorable tyke onto their canned goods way back in 1928, parents across the country have hoped for their child to become as famous as the baby in the iconic charcoal sketch.That original baby, Ann Turner Cook (who is still alive at 92), was chosen simply because she lived in the same neighborhood as artist Dorothy Hope Smith.My grandmother was the Gerber baby. It

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Kingman Animal Hospital – Facebook

A Great Dane from Arizona has over a dozen little mouths to feed after a delivering a huge litter of puppies last weekend.The dog, named Cleo, gave birth to 19 puppies by cesarean section at the Kingman Animal Hospital. By Monday, vets reported that Cleo and her huge brood are all healthy, and resting at home with their owner.Cleo’s litter was twice the size of an average dog’s, so

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This time of year people don’t have to look too far for a reason to stay inside. Much of the country is cold or snowed in, other parts are windy and stormy, but I think Tennessee might have the best reason of all: it’s raining snakes.That’s not a misprint, typo, or some kind of folksy term for heavy rain either. Tennessee has a slithery situation going on.Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee have been hit

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Rachelle Dyer – Facebook

A quartet of women from two opposite sides of the country are sharing the incredible story that brought them together as a family.Rachelle Dyer, 53, and Shannon Nicholl, 49, were the first ones to stumble onto the incredible connection, after Rachelle moved from her birthplace of Seattle, Washington to Virginia Beach, Virginia.There, Rachelle and Shannon became friends with the same people, who often commented that the two apparently unrelated women looked just like

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Rick Obst – Flickr

A retiree has started an interesting discussion about nursing homes and how to enjoy our golden years in comfort, after sharing his quirky plan to spend his final days in a more comfortable setting.While Terry Robinson’s “story” is actually a classic joke often shared in chain emails, his version went viral and inspired a serious discussion about retirement.The joke runs through all the advantages of choosing a Holiday Inn as your care

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