Hurricane thrusting its way towards North America is shaped like an enormous willy

A HURRICANE thrusting towards land is carving a path shaped like a willy.

The weather whopper was seen prodding towards a coast before losing its potency and drooping to just a storm.

The phallic-looking storm is prodding its way to the Gulf of Alaska

Amid fears of gales and downpours, one wag quipped on Twitter: “Six to nine inches are expected.”

Another tweet added: “They’ll only get three.”

US weather map images, colour-coded to reflect the wind speeds, showed it stretching 2,000 miles across the Pacific and heading to the Gulf of Alaska.

It was named Hurricane Walaka, with gusts of up to 90mph, before being downgraded.

Remember this weather cock-up from Michael Fish?

Poking fun at the map, one woman tweeted: “Well well well seems like Walaka is a little bit excited.” Another user wrote: “Haha. Walaka getting a little ballsy today.”

But it was forecast to continue losing its mojo over the weekend.

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