I believe my daily text messages bought my man back to life as he lay unconscious in a coma after horrific bike crash

A MUM has revealed the agony she faced as she watched her partner lie in a coma after a freak accident but believes her daily text messages bought him back to life.

Vicky Price, 38, was warned Martyn Boam, 39, had only a 50 per cent chance of survival following a horror bike smash, which left him with severe head and spinal injuries.

Vicky Price, 38, with her partner Martyn Boam, 39, who survived two comas
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Vicky would read the text messages she sent Martyn daily
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Loving partner Vicky, who’s mum to Loren, 13, and Sophia, six, kept vigil by Martyn’s bedside – and text him each day urging him to ‘wake up’ which she also read aloud to his motionless body.

Vicky, from Llandudno, North Wales, told Fabulous Digital: “Martyn’s head injuries were very severe and we were warned to expect the worst.

“I knew he was unconscious but it seemed like the natural thing to send him messages.

“I sent him a text every day – and read it to him when I visited. The nurses said there was a chance he could hear me in his coma.

Emma hoped Martyn would be able to hear her speaking even when he was unconscious
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“I hoped he would listen and my messages would encourage him to wake up.

“I believe those messages helped to kick-start his recovery. It was helpful for me too, to share my emotions, pouring out my feelings.”

Pleading with Martyn in her moving texts, Vicky wrote things like: “baby I love you please please wake up I need you”.

And “Sophia hasn’t seen her dad for 3 weeks…come on babe…do as they say let’s get you better.”

Martyn pictured out cycling before the horror bike smash
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Martyn was out cycling locally with a friend Gez in March 2016, when his pedal brace caught a lamppost and he flew off head first over the handlebars.

In a cruel twist of fate, he wasn’t wearing his usual cycle helmet that day.

Martyn was airlifted to hospital – with damage to his knees and elbows as well as his head injury – and doctors warned his family he only had a 50:50 chance of survival.

He woke three weeks later but he remembered nothing of his accident, and tragically didn’t recognise his eldest daughter Loren.

Martyn with his daughter Sophia, six, and an air ambulance
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Vicky added: “After he woke, he didn’t recognise his eldest daughter at first, and it was very tough for her.

“There was plenty of comedy too. Martyn and I have been together for 20 years and always said we didn’t see the point of marriage.

“But when he woke from the coma he proposed to me and all the nurses were in tears, thinking it was romantic.

I sent him a text every day – and read it to him when I visited. The nurses said there was a chance he could hear me in his coma.

Vicky Price, 38

“I knew instantly that this wasn’t the real Martyn talking. I told him to stop being so soppy and ridiculous and to pull himself together.

“The nurses couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“Months later, when Martyn was finally getting his own character back, he agreed with me and said it was the last thing he wanted.”

Hilariously, Martyn proposed to his partner of 20 years Vicky after coming out of his coma – but later admitted he didn’t mean it
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Martyn has made a good physical recovery but still struggles with the long-term effects of his head injury, including memory problems, headaches and emotional upset.

Vicky said: “He could be mid-way through a sentence and he would burst into tears.

“His emotions were all over the place. He couldn’t remember lots of things we had done together and it was sad.

“The kids were brilliant, so strong and patient. But it was hard on us all.”

Martyn pictured on the first anniversary of his accident, in Amsterdam
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Thirteen months on from the accident, just as Martyn was returning to normal life, he picked up an ear infection from his hearing aid – which turned into bacterial meningitis.

To Vicky’s horror, he was rushed into hospital where he was placed into an induced coma.

She says: “It was like the worst case of deja vu. I went back onto auto-pilot, with daily visits to his bedside, willing him to wake up.”

Martyn credits Vicky with saving his life
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Fighter Martyn pulled through again but he’s been left deaf in one ear, as well as with knee problems caused by the bike accident.

Martyn said: “I couldn’t have done this without Vicky. When I read the text messages I was so emotional.

“I do believe they pulled me through, from the brink of death, back to my family.”

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