I Can Hear Your Voice fans in hysterics as Ronan Keating forced to sing with totally tone-deaf woman

VIEWERS were left cringing last night as Ronan Keating was forced to duet with a tone-deaf junior doctor.

The former Boyzone singer appeared on ITV’s I Can See Your Voice and tried to help decipher who was a good singer and who was bad.

Junior doctor, Devon Chapman successfully deceived everyone into thinking she was a good singer
Ronan Keating sings the worst version of Life is a Rollercoaster with junior doctor

But they failed terribly and viewers ended up hearing the worst version of the song Life is a Rollercoaster they have ever heard as the junior doctor fooled everyone into thinking she was a good singer.

Junior doctor’s real name is Devon Chapman and she stole £10,000 from contestants for her impressive deception.  

As she sung a shockingly bad duet with Ronan, it was revealed that Devon loved to sing but people often beg her to stop.

After the duet, host Paddy Mcguinness joked that Ronan Keating had never sounded better and how having a bad singer “really lifted his performance”.

Viewers cringe over the shockingly bad duet resulting in the junior doctor winning £10,000
Father and son contestants failed to have a good singer in the final round

Paddy also shared that there were only two good singers in this week’s episode, which father and son contestants eliminated early in the game.

He then congratulated the junior doctor for fooling them and winning £10,000.

The 23-year-old junior doctor, currently studying medicine and Sheffield University, told us about her aspirations to be a paediatric oncologist.

When quizzed about her amazing lip-syncing skills and how she had time to practice, Devon responded: “I’m just really good.”

Paddy informed us that the two good singers were eliminated earlier in the game

A panel of judges helped guide the contestants and voice their suspicions on who they thought were the good and bad singers.

This week, the panel included Alison Hammond, Amanda Holden, Jimmy Carr and Ronan Keating.

After the duet, Jimmy praised Devon for her admirable efforts into the final performance.

Jimmy Carr was not impressed by the final duet between Ronan Keating and the junior doctor

Jimmy joked: “It looked like you didn’t know you were a bad singer!”

Fans took to Twitter and shared their reactions to the surprising result.

One viewer said: “#icanhearyourvoice genuinely makes me laugh out loud”.

Another admitted: “#Icanhearyourvoice It’s making me laugh, it’s entertaining enough.”

The panel were shocked at the end result and bad duet

One fan was happy someone with a junior doctor profession won. They wrote: “Brilliant that the money went to a Junior Doctor to #icanhearyourvoice”.

Another penned: “#icanhearyourvoice @ronanofficial never been so pleased to hear a bad voice #juniordoctor so happy she took the 10k.”

Will next week’s episode see guessing contestants go home with £10,000, or will a professional use their trickery to steal it from them?

I Can See Your Voice continues next Saturday at 7:25 pm on ITV with special guest star Fleur East.


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