I can’t stand to be around my girlfriend now that I’ve moved in with her

DEAR DEIDRE: I LET my girlfriend talk me into us moving in together and now I realise how difficult she is to be around 24/7.

She is 29 and I am 27. I actually do enjoy having my own place and she is untidy and messy. She gets cross at the slightest thing and can slam doors for Britain.

 Ever since I moved in with my girlfriend, I can't stand her

Ever since I moved in with my girlfriend, I can’t stand herCredit: Alamy

If you cross her she sulks like a spoilt child and I am sick of it. When I try to talk about it she blames me.

Our sex life used to be great but now there are times I can’t be bothered.

She usually wants it after I’ve fallen asleep and cries if I reject her, knowing I’ll cave in.

We now have a mortgage. It’s in my name but I couldn’t afford all the bills on my own. How do I sort this out?

 I have no idea what to do as I can't even look at her sometimes

I have no idea what to do as I can’t even look at her sometimesCredit: Alamy

DEIDRE SAYS: Lots of couples drive each other mad and have lots of rows when they first move in together. You both bring with you different patterns and childish expectations.

If you were good together before, at least try to learn how to resolve conflict in a more grown-up way.

Susan Quilliam’s book Stop Arguing, Start Talking is full of guidance.

It’s worth the effort because you both risk losing a home here.

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