I found sexts between my girl and another guy — do I tell her or let it go?

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER sneaking a peek at my girlfriend’s phone I found sexy messages between her and another guy. She still says she loves me but her actions suggest something different.

We are both 21 and have been together six months.

I found sexts between my girl and another guy — do I tell her or let it go?
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We had a silly row and she went away with her friend for a long weekend.

I called round when she got back and she seemed annoyed that I was there.
When she went to make us a coffee, a WhatsApp message came up on her phone and I had a look.

The string of messages was very suggestive. The guy asked if she was still loved up and she said her boyfriend (me) is not the guy she thought he was.

I felt gutted reading it. She has no idea I have seen the messages. Do I confess I snooped or let it go? I am green with jealousy.

DEIDRE SAYS: Telling her could spell the end of your relationship. But the messages coupled with her distancing herself from you should be ringing alarm bells.

Tackle the underlying niggles and start by telling her you are not happy with how things are between you right now. If she cares for you, she will be willing to listen and change. If not, best accept reality and move on.

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