I gave birth to an 11-pound baby at home with NO pain relief, I’ll never forget my husband’s face when he saw the scale

A MUM who had a home birth has revealed her husband’s hilarious reaction when they discovered how much their baby weighed.

Rachael Vance shared a video of the cute moment her husband found out how heavy their little boy had arrived into the world.


A mum has shared her husband’s funny reaction when told their baby weighed 11lbs[/caption]

In a post on TikTok, the American woman – who gave birth naturally without any medication – explained how she had been a week overdue and was already fearing that she would be delivering a large baby.

However, the mum wrote: “And he was big…but you didn’t realise how big.”

An image of her with a baby bump, and another picture moments after she gave birth, were followed by a video showing her other half weighing their newborn in a bag with the help of a midwife.

Her husband sheepishly smiled as he was told his son weighed 11lbs, while others in the room audibly gasped.

And he was big…but you didn’t realise how big…

Rachael Vance

Of her own reaction to the news, Rachael noted: “I was shocked to say the least. Still am.”

She added: “Love our sweet chunky boy.”

The adorable clip has been watched more than 998,000 times, with over 158,000 leaving ‘likes’

One person commented: “Chunky babies are the best.”


Another shared: “The gasp!”

And a fourth added: “Wow good job mama!!”

In a later clip, Rachael responded to a social media user who told her: “I love your husband’s face when she says how big he is.”

She replied: “He was just as shocked as I was. He’s the best supporter.”

The mum-of-two revealed in another post that their little one was now five months old and weighed 20lbs.


Rachael Vance explained how she suspected she was going to give birth to a large baby[/caption]


But the couple had no idea just how big he would arrive[/caption]


The little boy is now five months old and weighs 20lbs[/caption]

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