I had a sugar daddy who paid me $2K just to text him– he paid for concerts, home furniture, but I gave him to a friend

TEXTING with friends is something most of us do naturally…and for free.  

But one woman revealed that she got paid $500 a week just to converse with an older gentleman via text—and it doesn’t involve any sexting.

An Indiana woman named Bailey Hunter posted a video to social media yesterday that explained how she scored this easy money-making gig.


Bailey even showed screenshots of the recurring payments and clarified that the payments were “not even for pictures, just to text”[/caption]


She said: “And on top of that he gave me a credit card for anything I wanted. And our relationship went on for three years”[/caption]

Her relationship with the man began by chance, while she was waitressing at Buffalo Wild Wings.

She noticed that the older man was dining with a younger woman.

“And right away I could tell it was like a sugar daddy situation. But I don’t judge, like get your money girl. So, I’m just talking with them.

“But when he goes to leave, he leaves me a $100 tip on a $40 bill. And he leaves his business card.”

The man had already left the restaurant by the time Bailey collected the tip from his table, so she decided to instead thank him via text, messaging the number on his business card.

“And he was like, ‘No you’re amazing, you deserved the tip. When do you work next? I want to come back in.’”

Excited about the prospect of making more tip money, Bailey told him when her next shift was.

“When he comes back in, he’s telling me about how he was about to buy a bar, and he wants me to bartend.”

Because Bailey had just recently turned 21, she jumped at the opportunity.

This led to a rapport and sort of friendship between the two, where they would text back and forth about the new bar.

“Whenever we would text, it would always be super casual, and I would always just vent to him like I would vent to any of my friends,” she said.

She recently bought a house and vented to him about the struggles of being a homeowner: her washing machine and dishwasher broke on the same day, so she had to pick up extra shifts to pay for the repairs.

“So then he just sends me the money for it. To the point where he would just send me money without me even asking.

“For three years this went on and then one day he was like ‘I really want to take you out on a date.’”

They had already built a relationship over the years, so she agreed.

They went shopping for their first date, and he bought her Victoria’s Secret underwear, perfume, and a Michael Kors purse.

She said the conversation was enjoyable as well.

“This was my first time I’ve ever even known what sugar babying is, I’ve never had anything like this. And living in Indiana it’s not something I was used to seeing.

“Then he bought me VIP tickets to EDC Orlando, he got me tickets to a Cardi B concert.

“And because I got spoiled so much in that, I was like ok I want to do this again. So when I moved out of Indiana, I gave him to one of my friends.

“And he started taking care of her, taking care of all her bills, taking her shopping.”

Hoping to find another sugar daddy to do this with when she moved, Bailey went on the website Seeking Arrangement.

“But I realized I had a unicorn. And most sugar daddies want more than just to text,” she concluded.


When Bailey left town, she searched to no avail for a similar arrangement[/caption] Link

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