I love my husband but alcohol turns him into a monster and it’s ruining our marriage

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband is great with the kids – and when he’s sober, I really love him.

But he makes my life hell when he’s been drinking.

I love my husband but booze turns him into a monster and it’s ruining our marriage
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He boozes every night at home. I don’t like the kids seeing him drunk but I’d rather he stayed safe at home than went to the pub.

We’re both 33 and if he goes out with his mates he never gets back before 2am, sometimes not at all.

I work hard as a teaching assistant and need my sleep.

When he goes out I’m awake the whole night, as I never know when and where he’ll turn up.

The one thing I know is he’ll carry on drinking until he can’t speak.

I did threaten to leave but ended up staying put.

His mum and brother died, which hit him hard . . . but what about me and our kids?

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds like an unhappy home for you all – and especially damaging for your children.

Tell your husband he must find help to stop drinking or you will end the marriage.

See a solicitor and show you mean it this time.

While you continue to love him and keep the show on the road, you are helping him to carry on drinking.

You can find support and advice through Adfam (adfam.org.uk).

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