Technically that’s true so OK . I mean, I guess you’re not wrong but… (30 Photos)

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  1. Like the men’s team, the park’s champions have the ambition to dominate Europe. Nadia Nadim follows in the footsteps of her idol, one of the club’s legends, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The PSG striker has an extraordinary destiny.

    The PSG striker always has the line for a laugh. But at the top of his arena, with the city at his feet, he began to miss words. Nadia Nadim is silent. The emotion stuck between the vocal cords and gusts of memories. Fragments of horror and passion where the instinct to survive met the rage to win. She lets herself get dizzy: “I can’t believe this is all my life!” The story that is written on the roof of the Prince’s Park began under the bombs and yoke of the Taliban. This is what we call a destiny. Childhood, she says, has had two faces. Nadia was born in Herat, western Afghanistan, in 1988. “First I had a protected life, with everything we needed. Every day, we would go out and play on the street, under my mother’s watchful eye. A happy time, to the point of chaos. Chaos, everywhere.” She was 4 years old when the second episode of the civil war broke out. She remembers a long escape, from house to house, to escape death. Car journeys where, with her head glued to the window, she could see without understanding the blood-stained roads. It tells of the innocence that is slowly being consumed, the whistling of rockets, the incessant explosions and these questions on everyone’s lips: “What will happen to us? But when will it stop?”

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