I met a gorgeous boy on holiday but I’m scared to tell him how I really feel

DEAR DEIDRE: WHILE on holiday I met a lad I really like but I am scared to tell him in case he is not interested.

My family go to the same seaside town every autumn half-term and we have lunch in one particular cafe.

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Does he just want to be Facebook friends or could we get closer?[/caption]

I am a 16-year-old girl. A boy my age was working there this year.

He smiled at me whenever he saw me and asked how I was. He said the owner was his uncle and he was visiting for half-term.

We live a long way apart but we became friends on Facebook. We messaged a couple of times but I’ve not heard from him for a week.

I know he doesn’t go on Facebook much. Have I got a chance?

DEIDRE SAYS: Message him saying that you would like to get to know him better and see what he says.

He may not feel the same about you but you would at least know where you stand.

Whatever he says, keep up with your own friends. It’s important to have a real social life as well as friends online.

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