‘I pull you close and whisper g’day mate’: After Jeff Bezos’ vomit-inducing messages, we rank some of the cringiest celebrity sexts ever

“I WANT to smell you. I want to breathe you in” is not something you expect to read in text messages from your lover.

So when Jeff Bezos’ saucy texts to lover Lauren Sanchez were revealed today, they made for incredibly cringeworthy reading.

Jeff Bezos with wife Mackenzie, who he is divorcing after 5 years
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Jeff was caught out after sexting Lauren Sanchez, who he is alleged to have been having an affair with
The Mega Agency

In a string of vomit-inducing messages multi-billionaire Amazon boss Jeff – who this week announced his split from wife Mackenzie – also told Lauren: “I love you alive girl.

“I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon.”

But the super-rich businessman is not the first star to have his cheesy or downright bizarre text messages exposed to the world.

Here we rank some of the cringiest sexts from celebrities and public figures.

‘I’ll pull your hair and rip ya clothes off’

Tristan Thomas and Khloe Kardashian, who was days away from birth when the cheating scandal hit
Getty – Contributor

With partner Khloe Kardashian just days away from giving birth to their daughter True, in April 2014, the NBA star was accused of cheating by a woman called Stephanie.

She posted a screengrab of VERY graphic text in which the basketball star described in not-so-fine detail what he’d like to do to her.

It began: “If I was there I would grab u while u try to walk away from me then I would pull ya hair and kiss you then rip ya clothes off and lay u down….”

He went on to describe various sex acts he would indulge in while “saying sorry”.

The sext revelation couldn’t have come at a worse time, as he was already in the doghouse with his babymamma over a night out with sex worker Lani Blair.



‘I softly kiss you neck and whisper ‘G’day mate’’

Andrew Broad was forced to resign after sending naughty texts to a sugar baby

Australian MP Andrew Broad got over excited with a “sugar baby” 20 years his junior who fell for his “sexy accent.”

The girl, known as “Sweet Sophia Rose” showed saucy messages from the married 43-year-old to New Idea.

He asked: “Do you like Aussie accents, “I’m a country guy so I know how to fly a plane, ride a horse, f*** my woman.”

The texts sent by Andrew Broad to the woman, 30 years younger

She replied: “I love Aussie accents. I think they are so sexy.”

He was forced to resign in December 1.

Imagining their next encounter, he promised: “I pull you close, run my string hands down your back, softly kiss your neck and whisper “G’day mate””.


 ‘I love giving girls jawache’

Jason Manford has been caught our more than once
Matthew Pover – The Sun

Jason Manford, then a married dad of four, lost out on presenting The One Show after explicit messages he sent to 12 women were exposed in 2010.

In 2012, he was caught again when he swapped sexts with a 32-year-old woman. He split with first wife Catherine shortly afterwards.

One of the messages sent to the single mum on Facebook
Messages from Jason to the fan were exposed last year

But in January 2018, weeks before he married second wife Lucy Dyke, he was reportedly at it again when he started sending flirty messages to a single mum who had come to one of his shows.

The woman had messaged him to she had loved the routine and laughed so much it gave her “jawache”

He replied: “Perfect! Love giving girls jaw ache. Haha”.

He went on to ask about the size of her breasts and said he wanted her to perform a sex act.

He added he was enjoying “flirting with a hot busty girl.”

And he asked: “Can you take long thick c***s down your throat?”


‘Should I rent a room?’

James Franco sent this picture to prove he was the real deal
Schoolgirl Lucy Clode was hit on by Franco in New York

In April 2014, James Franco unwittingly hit on a Scottish schoolgirl after she took pictures of him leaving a Broadway theatre.

He messaged Lucy Clode, then 17, and asked “You’re single? Should I rent a room?

When she questioned his identity, suggesting it was an April fool’s her replied.

“It’s me. Yes or no? Tomorrow or Thursday.”

But even when he discovered she was only 17 the actor, then 35, carried on, asking her if she had a boyfriend.

Lucy Clode revealed the conversation between her and the actor

Eventually the teenager rejected him saying:  “I’ll come back when I’m 18.”

Franco responded: “If you don’t want to meet text me when you do.”


‘Woo! Yay!

Lucy Mecklenbrugh shared the texts after her split from Mario Falcone
Getty – Contributor
Lucy revealed Mario’s conversation with a mystery model

When Lucy Mecklenburgh split with Mario Falcone in 2013, she was pretty angry.

According to the TOWIE star, Mario had been texting a model and arranging a date behind her back – and she posted a screengrab to prove it.

In the exchange Mario asks where she lives and would she text him etc and the mystery woman replied that she had deleted his number.

When he finally sends her his number he added: “Now you can let me take you out!! Woo Yay!!! Ha.”


‘Are we bad kids now?’

Taylor Swift and Nick Jonas are good kids gone ‘bad’
Getty – Contributor

Back in 2014, Taylor Swift, then 25, and her then boyfriend Nick Jonas were pretty sweet kids.

Texts between the two which were later leaked have them trying to arrange to hook up.

Taylor asked: “I’m doing something in LA on Friday morning too. We should at least go play some cards or something tomorrow night.”

Nick replied: “I’m done at 4pm. Dinner/drinks/gambling? Are we bad kids now?”


‘I want to treat you rough.’

Tiger Woods was playing away before his marriage collapsed in 2010

Tiger Woods’ marriage to Elin Nordegren ended in 2010 amid multiple accusations he was playing away.

Porn star Joslyn James came forward to reveal several texts alleged to be from the golfing superstar, which didn’t show him in the best light.

Porn star Joslyn James revealed the player’s dark texts

One read: “I want to treat you rough. Throw your around, spank and slap you.”

Another  read: “I would love to have ability to make you sore.”

Further messages, uploaded to her website, used more violent language to describe his sexual fantasies.


‘Send me a picture babe’

Katie and Kieran called it a day after the latest cheating allegations
Rex Features

Katie Price’s troubled marriage to Kieran Hayler hit another blip last summer amid claims he was sexting a 19-year-old from the local Co-op.

Katie, who took him back after his affair with her best friend Jane Poultney,  unveiled messages from husband number four to a Chloe B, which said: “You feeling the same? XXX. Or not?”

A reply read: “Yes but it’s different for a women xx.”

Katie claims Kieran then wrote back: “Yeah I understand that. Send me another picture babe. Xxx.”

Not particularly cringey but unfortunate for Kieran. The mum-of-five, 40, finally called it a day and threw him out.



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