I was on Love Is Blind – I was approached on Instagram, I fell in love but don’t know why I was ditched from the show

EVERYONE is talking about Netflix’s dating show Love Is Blind – which saw a bunch of hopeful singletons take the plunge and marry someone they’d never seen before.

And while viewers were left obsessing over the show’s fairytale endings,  Lexie Skipper, who was part of the experiment was left wondering why she was axed from the show, despite falling in love and eventually getting engaged.


Lexie Skipper, 26,  appeared on the Netflix show Love is Blind, but was booted off despite falling in love[/caption]

Speaking to Cosmopolitan,  the 26-year-old Sales Manager detailed her experience on the show which ended abruptly when she was separated from her fiance and told their journey was over.

Lexie was first approached by show producers on Instagram –  and just four weeks after communication began, she was  stepping into a pod for the first time on her journey to find love.

Within just four days, and after dating all 15 of the male contestants, Lexie believed she’d found her perfect match – 29-year-old Westley Baer from Atlanta.

She said: “I was spending more time with him and our dates were getting longer, and I knew in my gut that he was the right person for me. It felt better than any other relationship I’d ever been in – I felt just as close to Wesley as I did to the man I was in a relationship with for four years.”


Lexie and Westley Baer, 29, from Atlanta, were engaged after ten days on the show[/caption]


Lexie doesn’t regret her time on the show, but still wonders why her journey was cut short[/caption]

Speaking on the unique circumstances in which she fell for him, she said: “The pod intensifies everything – you have no distractions and are totally cut off from your real life.

“It was so nice not being judged on your appearance, or at a surface level – you were really given the chance to dive deeper into your emotions and connect with someone.”

And what seemed like forever for the couple in pod-time, Westley proposed on day 10 of the experiment by decorating Lexie’s pod with flowers, cheesecake and wine – something that was allowed but not shown on the series.


The series saw a bunch of hopeful singletons take the plunge and marry someone they’d never seen before[/caption]

Lexie recalled: ” He asked me to marry him through the wall, and I said yes – but waiting to meet him was the longest day of my life.”

And when the newly engaged couple finally got to meet for the first time their moment was cut short when a producer pulled them apart and told them that their journey would end in that moment.

Speaking of the gut-wrenching moment, Lexie said: “It was really hard to take – if I’m honest, I don’t really know why it happened. It wasn’t a long conversation – they just said they didn’t have the capacity to cover our relationship, and that our journey on the show was over.”

But despite being booted from the show, the smitten couple  continued to spend time together away from the cameras, with Lexie admitting they kept in contact even though Wesley moved to Bali for six months following their exit.

If there is one thing Lexie is still unsure of, though, it’s why their journey on the show came to such an abrupt ending despite the couple having genuine feelings toward one another.

Admitting that their lives changed forever, Lexie still wonders if her and Westley would have been married given the chance to go to Mexico with the remaining couples on the show.

She said: “I don’t regret anything about going on Love Is Blind. I stayed true to myself the whole time, and I think in turn it’s made me a better communicator and friend. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

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