I won 374 euros in 20 minutes. YOU ALSO find out how to make money for free without doing anything.

I have found a really easy way to make free money on the internet doing nothing, a lot of money. I managed, hold on tight, to win 374 euros in 20 minutes !!!
Yes yes, 374 euros in 20 short minutes !!

You must think that I am a superman, or that I am a stock trader or an athlete. But no, actually I’m an unemployed guy, I don’t have a dime, and I just stumbled upon a really super simple method.

As I know many of you are like me, I decided to start this blog and share this technique with you. And you back there too, listen carefully, this will interest you.

Come on, if you want to know how to make a quick buck without investing, and with almost no effort and so you can quit your crappy job, then sign up for the newsletter.

And keep reading.

It will surprise you.
The technique

Are you still following me?

Are you ready to make a lot of money?

Are you sure ?

Okay, come on, I’ll give it to you …

This technique …



… does not exist !!!!!

No, of course it doesn’t. And those who tried to make you believe that, like Julien (“Hi, it’s Julien”) or your old Ivorian uncle (“You are the one and only heir”) are in fact scammers.

Get that in your head. Nobody earns 374 euros in 20 minutes. Or 10,000 euros in a month. Alright, hardly anyone.

Making money on the Internet for free, and without doing anything, is impossible. Here.
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When you see an ad, a pop-up, an advertising poster, anything that tells such a lie, run away.
Gandalf saying run away poor fools

Flee, poor fools
Come on, don’t you believe me?

I see you don’t believe me. Or rather that you still want to believe in Santa Claus …

I am far from breaking your dreams, but now you have to be a little realistic.

Let us dwell on these figures for two minutes. 374 euros in 20 minutes.

(Ah, and back to ‘you’, the you ’was to pretend we were really good friends, that too is a trick used by scammers)
374 euros in 20 minutes

374 euros in 20 minutes, on a 7-hour working day, this corresponds to 7,854 euros in one day. In one month, 157,080 euros.

As a reminder, the minimum wage in France is around 1,400 euros gross. The median salary is 1,474 euros net per month. So, with this simple method that a good charitable soul is willing to show you, you could almost instantly earn 100 times the median salary in France.

For comparison, the average salary of a Ligue 1 player is 46,000 euros per month. According to the Observatory of Inequalities, it is a salary that allows you to earn more than 99% of French people.

And all this, without starting capital, and without prior knowledge. Just by watching a demo video and clicking on a link. You’ll eventually get the incentive to buy a starter kit, but if it’s to make $ 374 in 20 minutes, it’s worth it, right?

Well no. It’s not worth it.

No matter how much I believe in a higher force, I am not fooled either. And you shouldn’t be.
It is a scam

And yes, it is a scam. Any ad or pop-up that makes you believe this is lying or embellishing reality. We’ll wait until you fall for it and someone will pocket the pennies behind your back.
Why this scam?

Quite often, the people and sites that promise to make that much money get paid commissions on signups for the offers they promote. This is called affiliation. By dangling nice wins at you in a very short time, they make sure you sign up for the groundbreaking site or offer, and voila, the game is on and the money is in your pocket. Their pocket, not yours. Otherwise it’s not funny.
Yet it seems so true

All the subterfuges will be used:

false testimonials (copied from another website),
fake demo videos (you are led to believe that this is for example a real casino account, but it is indeed a demo account),
false references (“seen on TF1”)

If some do not go so far as to lie, they will probably fail to say that:

to win these 374 euros, you must at least bet the same amount (in the case of binary options or casino trading). Betting means taking the risk of losing. Do you have so much money to lose?
The hour before their proof of payment / screenshot / video they lost more than double.
Earning so much money in such a short time requires investment

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