Iain Duncan Smith won’t accept Boris Johnson’s offer to be Tory party chairman job as he wants a more ‘senior role’

IAIN Duncan Smith has told friends he will not accept the role of Tory party chairman in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet – because he wants to get a more senior job.

The ex-Tory leader, who is Boris’s campaign manager, doesn’t want to be bought off with the role in responsible of party administration.

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Iain Duncan Smith says he doesn’t want to be ‘bought off’ with the Tory party admin role[/caption]

A close friend of Mr Duncan Smith told The Sun: “He’s not going to be party chairman. If there’s something offered he’ll think about it.”

But Brexiteers are becoming increasingly worried there won’t be enough Cabinet jobs for Boris’s biggest Eurosceptic backers after senior Remainers like Amber Rudd and Matt Hancock look set to keep roles in Boris’s first Cabinet.

And other big Boris backers who voted Remain – such as Sajid Javid and Liz Truss are also set to be given big Cabinet jobs.

Last week The Sun revealed how arch-Brexiteers are demanding places in Mr Johnson’s Cabinet so they can form a “ring of steel” against Remainer Tories.

Steve Baker is said to be pushing to be Brexit Secretary while other Eurosceptics are lobbying for key jobs.



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