Ideas recycling crates of wine

Nothing more simple and economic to carry out these cute beds for cats with boxes of wine were recovered. Solo or floor, it is kitty who will be happy to have his custom bed. Source :

Idées recyclages caisses de vin
With crates of wine, one can easily make scavengers multiple storage. Pretty and trendy in a kitchen. The recycling intelligent and creative.

Ideally with crates of wines , we can produce all kinds of furniture. The imagination has no limit when you are creative and gifted in her hands.

Cute cabinet staircase with drawers
in cases of wine.

Idées recyclages caisses de vin
If you manufacture your own closet, you can use wine boxes to make beautiful drawers. Storage practices and they are not expensive.

Idées recyclages caisses de vin
How to make a nice cat box with 2 wine boxes. source : Find the tutorial in detail for
make a cat box
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