Identity of woman slashed across the neck at Manchester Hilton hotel revealed as 20-year-old Shaunagh Philpott

THIS is the party girl who fled a Hilton hotel in her pyjamas after being slashed across the neck with a broken glass.

Shaunagh Philpott, 20, was caught on camera running into the street in her bathrobe before collapsing on the pavement.

The glamorous party girl who was slashed across the neck has been revealed as 20-year-old Shaunagh Philpott
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She was taken to hospital with a three-inch gash in her neck following the attack in the presidential suite at the Manchester Hilton on Monday morning.

Armed police arrived just after 11am and arrested six people on suspicion of attempted murder.

Last night a close family friend told how she was relieved Shaunagh had survived. They said: “I’m just glad she’s still here. She’s not really OK, she’s up and down.

“She’s out of hospital and in the house now. She didn’t want to go to the party – she was forced to go to it.

The 20-year-old was filmed running out of the hotel with blood pouring out of her neck
Police lead a woman dressed in pink pyjamas into the back of a van outside the Hilton on Monday
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Another woman was also seen being escorted into a vehicle by police
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Medical equipment could be seen opposite the Hilton Hotel in Manchester
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“We know her boyfriend was involved in something but we don’t know what. We’ll have to wait for the investigation.”

Another relative added: “She’s very emotionally distressed. These people are the scum of the town.”

It emerged that the £655-a-night suite was booked for a joint birthday party by two sisters aged 17 and 20 plus four men including a professional boxer.

A source told The Sun that Shaunagh, of Chadderton, Gtr Manchester, was on a separate night out at the hotel when the group invited her and her pals to join them.

The identities of those arrested have not been revealed
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The Hilton Hotel in Manchester is popular with football stars such as Phil Neville
PA:Press Association

They said: “It was a mad party. They were invited up. It was pure coincidence they were there and someone saw them downstairs. A little fight broke out, a glass was broken and she was slashed with it.”

Earlier, footage uploaded online showed Shaunagh and boxer Joe Eko, 26, laughing and singing next to bottles of booze. Mr Eko later posted another video which appeared to show him in police custody.

Cops arrested four men aged 20, 24, 26, and 28 on suspicion of attempted murder. Two women aged 17 and 20 were also arrested on the same charge.

A Gtr Manchester Police spokesman said yesterday the 20-year-old man had been released on bail. The others were released pending further investigation.



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