iGraal : my opinion on the site’s leader in cashback

If you’re part of the numerous individuals to do your online shopping, you’re in the right place. The cashback allows you to recover a portion of these purchases in the form of money hard economic trébuchants. You want to earn money ? So instead, use for that the temple dedicated to cashback : iGraal.

I know, I’ve talked about iGraal in many of the articles, either as a way of bumping up your end of the month or to have a little additional income. But I don’t have ever talked to in detail… Until now. Then it is gone !

Cashback : € for each purchase

Before anything else, a little reminder on what the cashback is required. Among all the loyalty cards that you use when you do your grocery, some allow you to recover part of the money that you have spent. Sometimes, this takes the form of points to use to purchase prizes listed in a catalogue. But often, it is a part of euro that you just spend, which you are paid : you can then use them to make your next races. This is the cashback.

The concept does not lack advantages. Here, it is a question of 2%, 3%, 4% savings. According to the “back 40” of sitescashback.comthe best sites cashback paid on average around 6%, according to the dealers. But this rate is experiencing flashes : during certain operations, the rate may reach 20%. In addition, rates change every day, which means that the purchase on iGraal becomes more or less interesting every day.

In all cases, these are not very large sums. We’ll talk more away of different ways to boost these rates. That said, the advantage of the cashback is that it is designed to register in your daily life : you have nothing (or not much) to do to win these a few euros, which will ultimately be several tens or hundreds of euros (user reviews are the same state of several thousands of euros annually).

And then, as the saying goes : there are no small savings. Then, why deprive yourself ?

iGraal, the N°1 of the cashback

Today, iGraal has become one of the brands most iconic cashback : more than 1,600 dealers will flock to it, as well as more than 3 million members claimed. In fact, since 2012, the reputation of iGraal has never wavered, the site is regularly ranked # 1 of sites of cashback in France, and even among the first in the world.

Also, an important fact for our belgian friends : iGraal is present in you. The sign states that the rate of cashback may be different between Belgium and France. In addition, iGraal has reserved a special section for the ” merchants of the belgian, in other words those that can deliver in Belgium.

What sets it apart from its competitors, it is first of all the range of services it offers. In fact, there are many on the cashback but iGraal te also offers discount coupons or coupon codes to download before you do your shopping. And then, there are the notice, the sponsorship… And side merchants, all sectors are represented : sport (Adidas, Nike, Intersport…), High-tech (Apple, Boulanger, Conforama, Darty…), diy (Bricorama, Mr.Diy, Leroy Merlin…), etc., We can even have cashback by opening a contract with Direct Energy. In short, there’s something for all tastes !

You can register by clicking here (and you will receive a gift of 10 euros)

Of dealers thousands

Moreover, it is necessary to open a parenthesis in order to understand why all these merchants flock on iGraal. What have they to gain ? How to their offers can they be so tempting ? Here is the response to legitimate questions.

It is important to know that for a sign, whatever it is, communication has a cost. The advertising in the first place can be very expensive. iGraal, on his side, has gathered a very large community : in speaking to it, brands can achieve great economies in comparison with the costly campaigns of communication. In return, a portion of these savings are left in the form of cashback to the customers, and everyone is happy !

IGraal avis site activation cashback

You have clicked on “Activate cashback” for this auction site ? iGraal you leads and tells you the percentage of the cashback that you will receive.

Begin to (re-)earn your money : the use of iGraal

As stated a little earlier, there is no purchase you can win or recover money on iGraal. Other methods exist, with more or less interest. But first, let’s start with the core business of the site.

Running back : the site

Let’s assume that you want to replace your lawn mower because it just crashed. You realize therefore on the site of iGraal, and once identified, you start to look for the category that interests you. In this case, you go to the category ” Home & Garden “, then ” Garden “. And under your eyes then unfolds a very long list of merchants : Castorama, Bricorama, Central Brico, etc .. They are tens nothing in this sub-category.

When you chose to in what dealer you intend to acquire your new lawn mower, you click simply on the button “Activate cashback ” corresponding. iGraal you back then (in a new window) on the merchant’s website. You can now buy your lawn mower : the top of the window, a green band tells you “Cashback activated” as well as the promo codes available, the amount or percentage of the cashback that you can claim.

Also, I said that the cashback can be proportional or fixed : in the first case, it is expressed as a percentage (for example, with 5% cashback, you récupères 5 euros for 100 euros of expenditure). In the second case, the cashback is clearly expressed : 5 euros repaid from 50 euro of purchase, for example.

avis igraal extension bandeau cashback activé

The green band at the top of the screen, you can buy confidently : the cashback is enabled, the percentage is indicated and many opinions are positive.

Running back : the extension

The site is, therefore, interesting to see the list of merchants. But he asks, every time, to get there, which turns out to be quickly boring when you do your shopping always in the same sign. Fortunately, iGraal also has an extension added to your browser.

The process is even more simple than on the site. Back to the mower, let’s say that vienna will break. But this time, you forget to go on iGraal, and you’re going directly to the website of your favorite store, without activating the cashback. In this case, if you have installed the extension in your browser, two elements will appear when you will be on the site of your dealer :

  • A red band at the top of the window, said “Cashback activated” as well as the cashback potential and, as usual, the promo codes available.
  • At the top right of the browser window, you will find the logo of iGraal blinking. It tells you something that you find on a commercial site eligible for the cashback.

A button to “Enable ” allows you to start the cash back without going through the site iGraal. The system allows you to notify when you visit an eligible site, without having each time to check it out in the catalog. But in addition, it serves as a reminder : the message, though visible, is to say ” Attention, you have forgotten to activate the cashback “.

One last thing : the extension does not remove the need to authenticate. Before you do your shopping, check that you are logged in to your account, otherwise, your cashback will not be credited.

avis igraal recherche

Once the extension iGraal installed on your browser, your search engine you will indicate with an icon the links eligible for the cashback.

Conduct of the cashback with the app iGraal : my opinion

So much for the site and the extension. A portable version of iGraal exists, finally, for smartphones and tablets. Here’s how to use this :

Unlike the site, iGraal adopts this time a home screen tiles (Windows 8 users, this interface will remind you of something) with a few promotions at the moment. That said, the use is still intuitive : the menu is on the left, and one can manage their account and purchases with ease.

The use of iGraal on the mobile terminals, as for all other sites, allows you to make purchases from any place. And important fact : the extension is also available on tablets and smartphones.

IGraal avis smartphone

You can purchase with a iGraal from everywhere ! The application is available on smartphone.

Small peculiarity : on the right side of the screen, it has an overview of his account : photo, balance, as well as the “level” of his account. In effect, the accounts may be Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. We climb up the ranks, earning badges (for example, have made a purchase with the extension). That said, the badges seem to be purely decorative and provide no additional bonus.

Validation, time limits, withdrawal : the rules of the game

Once you’ve made a purchase, the cashback will be validated. To be sure this goes smoothly, make sure in advance that your computer is properly configured. This is why iGraal provides information regarding the configuration of your computer on its site.

When the purchase is validated, the cashback is paid back to your account. In general, the credit is realized pretty quickly : if it does not appear on your account within 48 hours of purchase, think to contact the customer service of iGraal.

There are also special situations that can not be taken into account for the cashback. This is particularly the case of ad blockers (which can be a problem), private sales or gift cards. In addition, after having activated the cashback, we will avoid trying to launch competing sites.

Finally, you can withdraw your winnings from 20 euros.

Some information about registration

On the side of the inscription, there is nothing really surprising : it happens just like on any other site or application. That said, there are still a few items to be aware of :

  • On the site, simply click on the ” register “button, and then follow the instructions. Click on a button to register a click with his account Facebook.
  • On theapplication, the registration is substantially the same.
  • You will forget not to fill in the box ” Sponsor “ if you have one. If you call me chosen, you will receive a welcome gift of 10 euros… and on my side, with every purchase you do, I will gain 10% to all your purchases, and 5 euros on the first of them (just to be transparent with you).
  • In regard to theextension, it is available for Chrome, Firefox (not Firefox, Quantum) and Safari. It installs like any other extension (from the site of iGraal or the catalog extension for your browser). 1€ is offered a download of the extension.

This fact already, mine of nothing, 11 euro welcome only to the registration and installation !

So if you’re not registered yet, it’s here !!!

IGraal avis app tablette

The cashback is activated, you’ll make savings on your purchases from your tablet…

I want to earn more about iGraal !

I insist : iGraal is in my opinion one of the best, if not the best French site for the cashback. But if tens of euros that it will save you enough, to know that I have not even mentioned all of these methods that help boost his nest egg on iGraal. Also, investigate them immediately.

How to earn extra money on iGraal : to give its opinion

This is in my opinion the best way to earn a little more money on iGraal is the notice paid.

The principle is very simple. Finally, after a long reflection, did you eventually buy this famous mower, which was offered at a price of 100 euros. With the 5% cashback associated with it, thou hast therefore recovered 5 euros.

And yet, this is not finished. Shortly after your purchase, iGraal you will post a notice on the dealer and the product that you have purchased. In exchange for this notice, you will be credited 0.20 euro extra on your account. Caution : the notice must comply with some conditions (250 characters minimum, no blabla…) and it will be checked by a moderation team in a week.

10€ to the registration, instead of 3€ : how to do it ?

I hope that you have taken good care of to read this article here before you start on iGraal, because what follows is a way to have a bonus strong interest in the registration.

As I’ve said before, when you register with my link, you will receive a gift of 10 € to the registration.

Why ? Because I kiffe dear reader ! 🙂

But still ? Because I have entered an exclusive partnership with iGraal. This is a really cool site and I decided to send them lots of readers. Thanks to ABC Money, iGraal has more members and therefore offers special conditions to my readers… which of them even earn more money. And everyone is happy ! 😉

A tip : monitors the partnerships

1 600 dealers, this is a catalog huge. And yet, it still lacks thousands. I imagine your frustration when you realize that your dealer is not eligible for cashback.

However, iGraal himself insists much on this point : partnerships are evolving. He stops and creates every day. Moreover, it creates more than it will stop, since the number of dealers continues to grow.

The council is therefore the following : do not despair if your merchant favorite is not eligible. And most importantly, monitors the list of dealers : the opportunities for it to become in the following months are real.

Promos and vouchers-printable : a summary of discounts

In addition to the cashback “automated” the extension and the site, iGraal gives you access to promotions. I’ve mentioned briefly previously, and yet, it is a pan huge activity iGraal.

They are readable everywhere, whether on the website, on mobile devices or on the extension. These promos can be of two types.

The first is that of coupon codes. At the moment when you realize the on the site, iGraal gives you a code that you get back when you règleras your purchases. These coupon codes can be very interesting, but it is not necessarily the question of cashback. For example, in addition to the 3.5% cashback which you have normally right, the site could add 7% discount. For a purchase of 100 euros, you would pay finally 93 euros and receive a 3.50 euro cashback.

IGraal avis code promotionnel

On iGraal, the basis is the cashback, but don’t forget also the coupon codes !

The second point is the one of the coupons to print. It is a sector that is in full development. You certainly know the discount coupons. You’ve probably already used. iGraal, its side, and you propose to print your own good : once obtained, they can be used directly in the store.

Here are two tips vis-à-vis these coupons :

  • The print also has a cost (paper and ink). To reduce it, configure your printer to print in low-quality, and print your coupons in black and white (the store has only need the bar code that is on the right).
  • iGraal states that in most cases, a voucher can be printed in up to 10 times. Therefore, you can make a selection of your favorite products to save time. On the other hand, does not print your 10 good of a shot : each voucher is only valid for a month.

iGraal : my final opinion

I think it is clear now : iGraal goes far beyond the simple site cashback. Moreover, as the first site of France in the matter, it has so much of services that speak of “cashback” is the same gearbox.

It is still the case that for individuals, there are large savings to be had. So, for me, there is a pace of the hesitation : this site is already happened in my bookmarks bar and I use it as soon as I can, since 4 years now.

If you want to register, so it is here. And if you don’t want to, no worries, we are still friends !

In fact, you are using it ? You use another site’s cashback ? I want to know everything !!!

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