He had announced his homosexuality : harassed at school, the little Jamel committed suicide at 9 years

Jamel Myles, an American boy of nine years committed suicide shortly after the back-to-school in Denver, Colorado, after being harassed by classmates who he said to be homosexual, said his mother. Leia Pierce told the media that his son, Jamel had put an end to his days at their home last Thursday after having been the target of jeers homophobic.

“It took only four days to the school,” said Ms. Pierce to KDVR. “My son has told my eldest daughter that the children at school had told him to kill himself. I’m just sad that it didn’t come to me”, she added.

Mrs. Pierce told us that his son had told him to be gay this was and that he wanted to make his coming out in the fall. “He went to school and he said he would tell people he was gay because he is proud of who he is,” she said.

The school has indicated that psychologists had been mobilized to receive students and staff, and that a letter had been sent to the families about it. Ms. Pierce said he hoped that the death of his son will help to raise awareness of the devastating consequences of harassment.

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