They impersonate police to save a woman who is abused by her partner

In the night of 4 to 5 August, two young rescued a woman attacked by her husband in Nantes. The duo was returning home from evening walk when he heard the screams of a woman coming from a building, reports “West France”. Looking through a window, they saw a scene of domestic violence. So, they decided to intervene to help the woman who is abused.

They entered the building before knocking on the door of the apartment from which came the cries. But despite the gesture, the violence continued in the home. The two youth then claimed to be from the police to encourage the couple to open the door by stating : “Police, open”. With more success this time. They managed to make out the woman before to prevent the police officers.

Five days of ITT for the woman

The victim was taken in charge by the emergency services. “Ouest France” reports that it has received five days of ITT after having been struck several times by his companion, especially in the face. The 33 year-old man has about him, has been cried out for him and placed him in custody. The public prosecutor of Nantes has asked for his detention. It could be judged by appearance immediate on Wednesday.

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